A Closer Look : Handcrafted Ceramics

18 Mar 2016











The daughter of Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, Tilly Hemingway grew up to become an integral part of the family business, as well as branching out with several of her own projects, one of which is ceramics. All Tilly Hemingway products are totally hand thrown, painted and finished at her studio in North London, meaning no two are the same.

















    Weak End Club is a Sydney based cross disciplinary design practice currently working in the wonderful world of ceramics. They produce glazed functional ceramic objects such as planters, bowls, plates, vases, vessels and trays to sit with you in your studio space or at home. Each Weak End Club product is of course entirely handmade and finished, making them totally unique and one of a kind.


















      BKB ceramics’ ethos is pure, sustainable, conscious, handcrafted design. There is no marketing gimmicks or clever packaging...BKB are simply about creating beautiful ceramic design that feeds the soul and feels like home. BKB have a deep passion for simplicity and going back to traditional ways of doing things that make sense in our modern lifestyle. They believe in meeting the most fundamental needs with a carefully curated collection of all things beautiful, handcrafted, and modern by using tried and true artisanal tradition.

















        Based in Vancouver, Lindsey Hampton works in a variety of media including ceramics, graphic design, photography, and music. The use of colours and patterns translates across all mediums and there is a great deal of spontaneity involved in all of her work and products; it all takes place within the action, rarely being sketched or planned in detail.
















          Matagalan is the creation of Barcelona based Carolina Spencer, whose hand made terracotta plant pots come in all shapes and sizes and work just as well together as on their own. The red colour is a true reflection of the artists Spanish surroundings.