Kinto are a Japanese homeware label that focus on slowing life down and enjoying the simpler things. They are coffee connisseurs and take the preparation and brewing to the highest levels. To celebrate the launch of a selection of new coffee products at the Life Store, we asked the experts how to make the perfect iced coffee, Japanese style. The below recipe provides four cups of coffee, and all you need is 50g of your favourite ground coffee, 300g of ice and 300ml of hot water. 





Step 1 - The Ice 




Add 300 grams of ice to the Kinto coffee server. 





Step 2 - The Coffee 




Before adding coffee to the brewer, wet a paper filter fully by placing it in the brewer, placing the brewer on the stand and pouring water through it into an empty vessel. Discard water and add approximately 50g of ground coffee to the brewer.





Step 3 - The Pour




Place brewer back onto stand and pour a small amount of hot water into the centre of the coffee mound and let it bloom for 30 seconds. Slowly pour more water - drawing a spiral from the centre. Stop pouring when the dripped coffee reaches the upper dot of the Kinto coffee brewer.  






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