Brand Focus : M A A P S

04 Nov 2016


MAAPS Incense


Johan Lam, creator of LA-based brand MAAPS gives a run-down of all things incense. 




Where did the name and concept stem from? 


The name MAAPS comes from the idea that a scent has the ability to transport you to a different time or place. My wife and I wanted to start a company together that encapsulated our love for traveling, design and home goods. I've always loved incense and the necessary tools that go along with burning it, and I thought we could bring something different to the market.



What's the process of producing a set of incense, from start to finish? 


Each scent starts with a different idea; a location, feeling or base note. We then create an oil using a mixture of natural extracts and test the scent for balance and complexity. We then produce sample incense sticks to see how the oil translates to being burned and test them in numerous settings. Tweaks are made if necessary before finally producing each production run. 



Where does the inspiration for scents come from? 


All of our ideas are a product of our collective experiences both past and present. We are constantly brainstorming and thinking about combinations of scents that would blend well. Sometimes we build scents from a memory, sometimes we try to capture the essence of a particular place, and sometimes we are inspired by an existing aroma that we build off of.  



What are you burning at home? 


We're always burning a different scent at home. My wife and I check every stick in every box to pull out all the sticks that we feel aren't suitable for sale. We end up keeping those b-grade sticks to send to stores as samples, and they're the sticks that we end up burning at home.



What's the future plans for MAAPS? 


We have had a great first 9 months of existence and hope to continue expanding into new regions and selling to the best boutiques in the world. We'll continue to grow our collection of both incense sticks and accessories. We also hope to start collaborating with more forward thinking companies in the hospitality sphere, especially hotels, to create welcoming and memorable experiences for their guests.








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