Product Focus : New Kitchen Items

08 Jul 2016

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home; a place for people to come together and unwind after a long day at work or play. We've added several new brands to the Life Store roster this season that specialise in making the most out of this most communal of spaces. Discover natural wooden serving platters from Dominik Woods, hand made storage solutions from Doug Johnston, tough wearing enamel cutlery from Crow Canyon Home and much more.






start your day

The health benefits of starting your day with a glass of hot lemon water include aiding your digestion, helping your metabolism, reducing depression and anxiety, revitalizing your skin and helping lose weight. Unbelievable but true. Just squeeze a fresh lemon into some warm water and you're away for the day.

  • Individual Glass - Medium

    HAYIndividual Glass - Medium$5.20M









Doug Johnston is based in New York and creates beautiful rope pots, buckets and trays that are suitable for storing just about anything. In the kitchen, it could be your fruit or cooking utensils. The nature of the hand made production method means no two are ever the same. They work great individually but look wicked when grouped together.

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    Like a car with no wheels, kitchens are useless without utensils...and we have some killer cooking accessories to introduce into your kitchen at home. Brass spoons from Hay, beautiful maple salad servers from Muuto and Crow Canyon home's unmissable speckled cutlery are all amongst our favourites.

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    • Clip Clip With Spoon - Brass

      HAYClip Clip With Spoon - Brass$10.40One Size

    • Large Slotted Spoon - Black Marble

      Crow Canyon HomeLarge Slotted Spoon - Black Marble$11.7012"

    • Small Spoon - Black Marble

      Crow Canyon HomeSmall Spoon - Black Marble$7.806"










    If you're looking for something clean and minimal, then American Crow Canyon's selection of enamel tableware are just that and they will last a lifetime. They're made from enamel. What does that mean? If you chuck it at the wall it won't break. Not suitable for a Greek wedding but perfect for your kitchen.

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    • Small Spoon - Black Marble

      Crow Canyon HomeSmall Spoon - Black Marble$7.806"









    Skagerak are a family run Danish homeware brand that stay true to Scandinavian design traditions whilst pushing a sleek, modern aesthetic. Their products can sit seamlessly into most room settings thanks to their looks and neutral colour palette. These attributes guarantee the product a long lifespan, defining what they see as true sustainability.

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