We explore a range of handmade ceramics that provide a seamless balance between design and function with a selection of pieces that are both ornamental and useful, boasting flecked stoneware, distinct forms, and a range of unique finishes. Featuring pieces from Lucy Michel, Mellow, IIIVVVYYY and more.






Judy Jackson Stoneware

As a Smith College graduate, Judy Jackson has been working as a potter for decades. With a studio based just outside of New York City, she creates handmade homeware pieces based around simple shapes and forms. As an experienced potter, she uses a variety of methods including wheel throwing, slip casting and slab building, finishing her ceramics with oxidation firing, hand glazing, and pour-and-dip glazing methods.


Maker – Judy Jackson

Origin – Long Island, New York

Finish – Pour-and-dip hand glaze with a variety of semi-transparent coloured finishes to bring out the piece’s natural character and patterning

Design Inspiration – Clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal form



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    Orenda Ceramics

    Taking its name from the Native American Iroquois term for the spiritual power inherent in all people and things, Orenda Ceramics believes we too hold within us the power to affect change in ourselves and our communities. With roots stemming from the earth, the brand crafts their ceramics to carry these so-called ‘elemental lessons’ into the collective domain.


    Maker – Robyn Landau

    Origin – Hoxton, East London

    Finish – Light glazes that emphasise the grain and texture of the flecked stoneware each piece is crafted from. Some have a moon phase design to highlight the brand’s earth and spiritual roots

    Design Inspiration – The Earth and a variety of Native American spiritual teachings



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    Orenda | Goodhood


    • Incense Holder - Speckled

      Orenda CeramicsIncense Holder - Speckled$33.80One Size






    KANA London | Goodhood

    KANA London

    Kana London was born in London from founder Ana Kerin’s background in fine art and training in sculpture, which eventually became a fully developed project in 2012. With a focus on functional ceramics, Kerin’s approach is experimental and playful, inventing new recipes and forms daily, without the assistance of a potter’s wheel. Ceramicist Ana Kerin takes a unique approach that turns its back on traditional ceramic practice.


    Maker – Ana Kerin

    Origin – London Fields, East London

    Finish – A variety of glazes tailored to each stoneware ‘recipe’, alongside coloured or illustrated patterns, gold leaf detailing, and text

    Design Inspiration – The tactile nature of clay, the balance between ‘art object’ and ‘object of purpose’, food and its surrounding rituals



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    • x PSTX Tea Cup

      Kanax PSTX Tea Cup$54.60One Size

    • Wide Serving Bowl - Basic White

      KanaWide Serving Bowl - Basic White$80.60One Size







    Mema Studio

    Mema Studio is a ceramics brand by RCA graduate Mette Lyng-Petersen. Mette examines the connotations of materials and how this can be manipulated through objects which are at the same time functional and sculptural. Intrigued by the wonderment of the everyday environment, she crafts a range of unconventional, bespoke interior objects, unfamiliar yet at the same time familiar, with intriguing forms, surfaces and textures.


    Maker – Mette Lyng-Petersen

    Origin – East London

    Finish – Natural unglazed finish with a clear interior glaze to bring out the stoneware’s natural properties

    Design Inspiration – Wonder of the everyday environment, a focus on the unfamiliar yet familiar, unusual surfaces



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    Mema Studio
    Large Planter
    Sold Out


    Small Planter
    Sold Out





    Mia Margetic

    With over 10 years experience in music and events, Mia Margetic has managed the careers of award-winning, internationally recognised artists whilst simultaneously developing a creative portfolio through content commissioning, art direction and, most recently, an all-consuming love for ceramics and wheel-thrown pottery.


    Maker – Mia Margetic

    Origin –  Barcelona, Spain

    Finish – White gloss glaze to the inside, with an individually painted eye to the exterior. Natural gloss finish accentuates natural patterning and flecks from the texturised stoneware.

    Design Inspiration – Natural forms and textures, the architecture, design and landscape of Barcelona, Spain 



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    Mia Margetic
    Eye Planter - Small
    Sold Out








    IIIVVVYYY is the ceramics project of multidisciplinary artist Ivy Weinglass, who works as a set designer, stylist, artist and ceramicist. She began experimenting with clay after a period of creative drought. The brand is most well-known for its distinct ceramic hands that can be used as multi-purpose plates and incense burners.


    Maker – Ivy Weinglass

    Origin – Brooklyn, New York

    Finish – Coloured Glaze to complement the flecked stoneware’s pattern and detail with a top Clear Glaze coating

    Design Inspiration – The open hand is historically seen as a sign of protection, and also represents blessings, power, and strength






    • Small Open Palm Plate - White Palm, Black Fingers

      IIIVVVYYYSmall Open Palm Plate - White Palm, Black Fingers$49.405"

    • Small Open Palm Plate - White Triangles

      IIIVVVYYYSmall Open Palm Plate - White Triangles$49.405"







    Mellow is a ceramics brand operating out of New York City that has a distinct aesthetic. Originally just an idea conjured in an opposing hemisphere, ceramicist Elsie Grace Wilken handmakes a whole variety of porcelain bowls, vases and incense/ikebana bowls decorated in checkerboard patterning.


    Maker – Elsie Grace Wilken

    Origin – New York City, New York

    Finish – Hand-painted checker patterning, either partial or all-over, designed to contrast the natural finish and colouring of the stoneware, and finished with a clear glaze finish

    Design Inspiration – Natural forms, Japanese ikebana bowls, the Zoroastrian Chart of the Universe, and more





    Mellow | Goodhood


    • Large Incense Bowl - Half Painted Dark Brown Check

      MellowLarge Incense Bowl - Half Painted Dark Brown Check$84.50L

    • Large Incense Bowl - Half Painted Porcelain Check

      MellowLarge Incense Bowl - Half Painted Porcelain Check$84.50L

    • Medium Incense Bowl - Half Painted Porcelain Check

      MellowMedium Incense Bowl - Half Painted Porcelain Check$75.40M

    • Medium Incense Bowl - Dark Brown Inside Check

      MellowMedium Incense Bowl - Dark Brown Inside Check$75.40M






    Lucy Michel | Goodhood

    Lucy Michel

    Lucy Michel grew up in California, a natural-born creative who fell in love with ceramics at first try. Inspired by her home state and California’s unique nature, she crafts a range of ‘Peace Vases’ featuring the peace symbol, a nod to the ‘60s counterculture revolution that spread through the state years ago.


    Maker – Lucy Michel

    Origin – Los Angeles, California

    Finish – Earthy-palette glazes incorporating greens, blues, greys and browns that stay close to the state of California, and bring out the natural, unique detailing in each piece

    Design Inspiration – Modern California, incorporating the unique features of the state’s nature, culture, wildlife and identity






    Lucy Michel
    Peace Peace Vase - 02
    Sold Out



    Rosa Wolf | Goodhood

    Rosa Wolf Ceramics

    Rosa Wolf is a multidisciplinary artist based in East London. Her practice as a ceramicist grew out of a desire to find a way to make objects that are both beautiful and functional, to be held and enjoyed as part of daily life. Working slowly and in small batches, each piece is hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel and crafted to maintain a sense of individuality and uniqueness.


    Maker – Rosa Wolf

    Origin – East London

    Finish – Internal white glaze with external graduated glaze to accentuate natural features of the stoneware. Some pieces include individually decorated patterning.

    Design Inspiration – Classical sculpture, modern design and the outdoors together with concepts of home and belonging






    Rosa Wolf
    Ceramic Mug - Natural
    Sold Out

    Rosa Wolf
    Ceramic Mug - Patterned
    Sold Out




    Provider Store | Goodhood

    Provider Store

    After Tara Bennett travelled to Japan and found herself overwhelmed by the culture, and how everything seemed so well thought out – simple, timeless, yet practical – she started building Provider Store, a brand focused on educating people about sustainability and smarter purchasing.


    Maker – Tara Bennett

    Origin – Sydney, Australia

    Finish – A range of light and neutral glazes that bring out subtle detailing within the pottery and more earthy finishes that emphasises more bold detailing and patterning

    Design Inspiration – Japanese culture, the Scandinavian concept of slow living, and the multitudes of inspiration from creatives locally and around the world that Tara meets on her travels






    • Coffee Pour Over + Pinch Cup - White

      Provider StoreCoffee Pour Over + Pinch Cup - White$89.70One Size






    SM Ceramics

    With a background in product design, Sam Marks set up his East London ceramics studio in order to create pieces with a strong focus on form and function. This shows through in the brand’s overall aesthetic, and Sam’s wheel-thrown ceramics utilise a mixture of clays along with minimal glazing for a natural look.


    Maker – Sam Marks

    Origin – Leyton, East London

    Finish – Minimal glaze to highlight the natural qualities of the mixed stoneware that comprises each piece

    Design Inspiration – Function and form, the British coastline, and maker Sam Marks’ background in product design





    SM Ceramics | Goodhood







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