Awake NY

Awake NY comes from Angelo Baque, Supreme’s former brand director. Having worked for the streetwear giants for ten years, instrumental to the brand’s development and domination, Baque started his own line under Baque Creative, the agency he formed in New York in 2012. The result is a label that’s quickly working its way into the zeitgeist.

Baque brings his own unique take from his time working in the industry, as well as his perspective from growing up in New York City. The label perfectly captures the city’s unique attitude, pulling from a wide variety of reference points that have over the years made up its cultural landscape, including ’90 athletic styling, the first wave of streetwear culture and elements of traditional menswear. Watch this space.

  • Split Patch Logo Hoodie - Purple

    Awake NYSplit Patch Logo Hoodie - Purple$174.15M / L / XL

  • Man Woman Child Longsleeve T-Shirt - White

    Awake NYMan Woman Child Longsleeve T-Shirt - White$68.37S / M / L / XL

  • Skyline Patch Hat - Navy

    Awake NYSkyline Patch Hat - Navy$51.60One Size

  • Split Logo Patch Hat - Magenta

    Awake NYSplit Logo Patch Hat - Magenta$54.18One Size

  • Logo Flag Socks - Green/Black/Red

    Awake NYLogo Flag Socks - Green/Black/Red$25.80One Size

  • Logo Flag Socks - Blue/White/Red

    Awake NYLogo Flag Socks - Blue/White/Red$25.80One Size

  • Logo Lanyard - Purple

    Awake NYLogo Lanyard - Purple$19.35One Size

  • Logo Lanyard - Blue

    Awake NYLogo Lanyard - Blue$19.35One Size

  • Logo Lanyard - Black

    Awake NYLogo Lanyard - Black$19.35One Size