Baggu is a Californian bag manufacturer that began in 2007. Based in San Francisco, their vision is that everyone has a Baggu with them all the time. Their original and best-selling item is their namesake ripstop nylon shopping bag. Based on the construction of the plastic grocery bag, it is durable, lightweight and can hold 2-3 times more than a traditional grocery bag.


  • Standard Baggu - Tiger Stripe

    BagguStandard Baggu - Tiger Stripe$18.20One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Checkerboard Rose

    BagguStandard Baggu - Checkerboard Rose$18.20One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Checkerboard Green

    BagguStandard Baggu - Checkerboard Green$18.20One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Checkerboard Black

    BagguStandard Baggu - Checkerboard Black$18.20One Size

  • Dopp Kit - Kelp

    BagguDopp Kit - Kelp$37.70One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Bright Pink

    BagguStandard Baggu - Bright Pink$15.60One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Neon Green

    BagguStandard Baggu - Neon Green$15.60One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Red

    BagguStandard Baggu - Red$15.60One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Yolk

    BagguStandard Baggu - Yolk$15.60One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Grey

    BagguStandard Baggu - Grey$15.60One Size

  • Standard Baggu - Yellow Happy

    BagguStandard Baggu - Yellow Happy$18.20One Size