Launched in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, Eytys is a celebration of multidisciplinary creativity; a direct manifestation of the designers upbringings through the eighties and into the burgeoning street cultures of the nineties and beyond on a quest to produce that perfect sneaker. 

'More Gritty pavement than polished runway', the lines of inspiration that have manifested Eytys translate directly to everything that we do, so it felt like a natural decision to welcome them to the floor at the Goodhood Store. 

  • Mother Suede Sneakers - Black

    EytysMother Suede Sneakers - Black$212.85$149.64UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11

  • Mother Canvas Sneakers - Black

    EytysMother Canvas Sneakers - Black$129.00$90.30UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11

  • Viper Canvas - Black

    EytysViper Canvas - Black$174.15$122.55UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11

  • Mother Suede Sneakers- Black/Gum

    EytysMother Suede Sneakers- Black/Gum$206.40$144.48UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11

  • Mother Canvas Sneakers - White

    EytysMother Canvas Sneakers - White$129.00$90.30UK7 / UK8 / UK9 / UK10 / UK11