Goodhood x Teejerker

London, UK

We come together with expert curator Teejerker to offer a collection of super rare vintage band t-shirts from a selection of genre defining subcultural movements including US Punk, Shoegaze, Norweigan Death Metal and alternative rock. Artists include Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, Beastie Boys, Dark Throne, The Cure and much more. 

Each t-shirt is totally unique and original, sweat marks, rips, blood stains and all. In a time where the band t-shirt is being mass produced for the high street, it's important now more than ever to preserve the cultural legacy of these bands and helps to highlight the true significance of the originals. Find out more about the Teejerker collaboration here

  • Pink Flag Vintage T-Shirt - White

    Goodhood x TeejerkerPink Flag Vintage T-Shirt - White$50.31S / M / L / XL