An offshoot of the famed House Industries design studio, House33 is a collaborative venture between Simon ‘Barnzley’ Armitage and House industries designers/artists Andy Cruz and Jeremy Dean. What began as a muse for the group’s typographic and illustrative explorations has become an umbrella for graphic t-shirts, artwork, and lettering that defy attachment to any single genre.

In the guys’ own words, "From this bubbling cauldron of collaboration flows a primordial ooze of boundless creativity that is a refreshing departure from the hastily-assembled drivel that spews from the rag trade... From custom-cut T-shirts to wildly elaborate fashion concepts, we apply the same House Industries attention to detail to our clothing even though it sometimes doesn’t make the best business sense."

  • 3-D Halftoned T-Shirt - Black

    House333-D Halftoned T-Shirt - Black$52.00$26.00S / M / L / XL

  • Studio Fink T-Shirt - Black

    House33Studio Fink T-Shirt - Black$52.00$26.00S / M / L / XL