Kinto is a Japanese company founded in 1972 that specialises in the design of contemporary elegant home accessories such as drinkware, tableware and more, with a commitment to produce objects that are durable and usable yet with a gentle twist. Our Kinto picks include their  

signature Slow Coffee jug set and the sleek Pour Over Kettle. Improve Your Life with Kinto and introduce a small piece on Japanese design into your daily routine. Find out more about Kinto and their Slow Coffee Style in this exclusive interview.

  • Workout Bottle 480ml - Smoke

    KintoWorkout Bottle 480ml - Smoke$32.50One Size

  • Workout Bottle 480ml - Clear

    KintoWorkout Bottle 480ml - Clear$32.50One Size

  • To Go Tumbler 240ml - Khaki

    KintoTo Go Tumbler 240ml - Khaki$45.50One Size

  • To Go Tumbler 240ml - White

    KintoTo Go Tumbler 240ml - White$45.50One Size

  • CLK-151 Cup 180ml - Brown

    KintoCLK-151 Cup 180ml - Brown$16.90180ml

  • Day Off Tumbler 500ml - Grey

    KintoDay Off Tumbler 500ml - Grey$52.00500ml

  • Day Off Tumbler 500ml - Khaki

    KintoDay Off Tumbler 500ml - Khaki$52.00500ml

  • Day Off Tumbler 500ml - White

    KintoDay Off Tumbler 500ml - White$52.00500ml

  • Slow Coffee Carafe Set 600ml - Stainless Steel

    KintoSlow Coffee Carafe Set 600ml - Stainless Steel$71.50600ml

  • CAST Teapot - 450ml

    KintoCAST Teapot - 450ml$35.10450ml

  • Bottlit Canister - 600ml

    KintoBottlit Canister - 600ml$29.90600ml

  • Bottlit Canister - 300ml

    KintoBottlit Canister - 300ml$20.80300ml