Les Cinq Lettres

Ryo Kaneyasu is one of Japan’s top illustrators. Hailing from Osaka, he provides a unique, fresh take on graphic design that’s gained him an almost cult status, utilising bold lines and a minimal colour palette. His body of work stretches across the worlds of advertising, television, and print.

LES CINQ LETTRES, Kaneyasu’s personal apparel brand, takes this unique style and applies it to his own interests and is stocked in BEAMS T, and other select retailers, in Japan.

  • Holden Book Store T-Shirt - White

    Les Cinq LettresHolden Book Store T-Shirt - White$63.21S / M / L / XL

  • Sample Shoes T-Shirt - White

    Les Cinq LettresSample Shoes T-Shirt - White$63.21S / M / L / XL

  • HE&ME T-Shirt - White

    Les Cinq LettresHE&ME T-Shirt - White$63.21S / M / L / XL

  • Woozy T-Shirt - White

    Les Cinq LettresWoozy T-Shirt - White$63.21S / M / L / XL