Magnafied was founded in Denmark in 2014 by Magnus Carstensen (one of the founders of Wood Wood) and Antonia Bagg-Wolff when they started printing t-shirts and sweats in their garage. They are a line comprising special limited run pieces, many of which are deadstock military items sourced from all around Europe. 

Each piece has been altered, subverted, and magnified with subtle details and prints. No mass production, no waste, and no sale. Super limited numbers and only available at Goodhood & Tres Bien. As Magnus and Antonia say, “we create what we like.”

  • Italian Coverall - TBC

    MagnafiedItalian Coverall - TBC$206.40One Size

  • M21 Shirt Multi Print - Yellow

    MagnafiedM21 Shirt Multi Print - Yellow$187.05S / M / L / XL

  • ACU Nametape Pants - TBC

    MagnafiedACU Nametape Pants - TBC$161.25S / M / L