Massachusetts, USA

PRO-Keds was established in 1949 by the Keds brand as a more athletic footwear line, primarily intended for basketball. PRO-Keds utilised exclusive shock-absorbent and cushioning technology to keep pace with the rapid developments in footwear design. PRO-Keds became supremely popular with NCAA and NBA players.

By the late 70s, PRO-Keds had become synonymous with massive sports figures and attained its own cult status as the first real sneaker with style amongst New York's early hip hop community. Today PRO-Keds remain focused on their collection of classic styles, updating them with premium materials and technology. 

  • x Sneeze Mag Royal Lo Hairy Suede - Pink

    PRO-Kedsx Sneeze Mag Royal Lo Hairy Suede - Pink$140.61$56.76UK7 / UK7.5 / UK8 / UK8.5 / UK9 / UK9.5 / UK10 / UK10.5 / UK11 / UK12