Real Bad Man

Like many of their contemporaries, Real Bad Man steals from the zeitgeist of counterculture that intermingles influences as diverse as commercial krautrock, forgotten film noir, golden-aged hip-hop and underground comic books. As their tagline states, “We make graphics for graphic tees. Don’t be scared.” Find out more about the new wave of LA brands, including Real Bad Man, in this exclusive feature.


  • Doped Youth T-Shirt - Black

    Real Bad ManDoped Youth T-Shirt - Black$64.50$45.15S / M / L / XL

  • Kick Drugs T-Shirt - Tie Dye

    Real Bad ManKick Drugs T-Shirt - Tie Dye$90.30$63.21S / M / L / XL

  • Real Bad Logo T-Shirt - White

    Real Bad ManReal Bad Logo T-Shirt - White$64.50$45.15S / M / L / XL

  • Zonked Again RBM Mesh Camper - Black

    Real Bad ManZonked Again RBM Mesh Camper - Black$77.40$54.18One Size

  • Snizzle Swap Meet Cap - Ivory

    Real Bad ManSnizzle Swap Meet Cap - Ivory$58.05$41.28One Size

  • Smoking Is Stupid Cap - Washed Pink

    Real Bad ManSmoking Is Stupid Cap - Washed Pink$64.50$45.15One Size