Sex Skateboards

United Kingdom

Louis Slater grew up in the Sheffield skate scene but left school at the age of 16 to live the ‘skater dream’, hitting up Huntington Beach, California, before moving back to Sheffield and starting Sex Skateboards. He initially had some old t-shirts lying around which he spray painted the ‘sex’ logo onto, without thinking about anything even remotely to do with branding. 

After posting it on Instagram Sex Skateboards became a company. Now his brand is considered one of the most important new skate brands around, and we’re proud to stock a whole range of Sex Skateboards apparel here at Goodhood.

  • Sex Pin Badge - White

    Sex SkateboardsSex Pin Badge - White$19.35One Size

  • Sex Camo Socks - Camo White

    Sex SkateboardsSex Camo Socks - Camo White$19.35One Size

  • Sex Camo Socks - Camo Black

    Sex SkateboardsSex Camo Socks - Camo Black$19.35One Size

  • Bend T-Shirt  - White

    Sex SkateboardsBend T-Shirt - White$51.60S / M / L / XL

  • Sex Logo 6 Panel Cap - Black

    Sex SkateboardsSex Logo 6 Panel Cap - Black$51.60One Size

  • Logo Socks - White

    Sex SkateboardsLogo Socks - White$19.35One Size

  • AOP Boxer Short - White

    Sex SkateboardsAOP Boxer Short - White$25.80S / M / L / XL