South2 West8

Sitting under the mighty Nepenthes family tree, South2 West8 started as an independent retailer before developing into a clothing brand. Founded in 2002 by Kaname Nagaoka, the brand largely takes inspiration from the art of Tenkara fly fishing. Their distinctive pieces feature technical details fused with bold prints, durable fabrics and relaxed silhouettes.


  • Mesh Bush Vest - Tie Dye

    South2 West8Mesh Bush Vest - Tie Dye$367.90S / M / L

  • Western Shirt - Dark Navy Batik

    South2 West8Western Shirt - Dark Navy Batik$176.80S / M / L / XL

  • Belted Pant - Black

    South2 West8Belted Pant - Black$367.90M / L

  • String Slack Pant - Black

    South2 West8String Slack Pant - Black$265.20S / M / L

  • Reversible Tulip Hat - Leopard

    South2 West8Reversible Tulip Hat - Leopard$176.80One Size

  • Reversible Tulip Hat - Camo

    South2 West8Reversible Tulip Hat - Camo$176.80One Size

  • Grocery Bag - Tie Dye

    South2 West8Grocery Bag - Tie Dye$176.80One Size

  • Grocery Bag - Leopard

    South2 West8Grocery Bag - Leopard$176.80One Size