Morgan Zarate is one half of London based musical duo We Are Shining alongside friend and band mate Acyde, having also released solo material on seminal electronic music label Hyperdub. Along with music, he has always had a keen interest in design, with an amazing collection of Vintage Graphic Posters. We caught up with him at his home studio to find out more about his collection.

"This poster collection is half purchased and half inherited/stolen depending on who you ask. I haven’t been collecting for all that long but a lot of these posters have been part of my life since childhood and stem back from the 1970’s.

When my dad, Oscar Zarate, first arrived in London from Argentina in the 70's, he got work as a Graphic Designer for theatres and cinemas, so a lot of my collection comes from then. He mainly worked for independent cinemas and theatres such as The Everyman, The Other Cinema and Bush Theatre. I grew up with his work around me so I’m used to them, but I still think they stand up as strong pieces of design 40 year's on.QUOTE.jpgThere are also a couple of Victor Moscoso posters for gigs at the Avalon in the 70's. Love this man’s work, an early pioneer for the psych graphic movement and a big influence on so many designers since. Plus, I have a poster for a Saul Steinberg exhibition amongst the collection, another great.

I like these posters and posters in general because, aside from looking good, they're also functional, and anything that mixes function and beauty is good by me. I like seeing the dates for whatever it was they were promoting so long ago and the prices in comparison to now make me smile. The fact they're hand done, imperfections and all is great. I like the cut out and paste style, you can tell a lot of time and attention went in to creating them. I don’t feel like people take as much time over posters anymore, they don't have to."

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1967 // Charles Lloyd Quartet Gig Poster
Avalon Ballroom
"Another Victor Moscoso, this is one of my favourite posters, bought about 6 months ago. My favourite collage."

1967 // Death & Transfiguration Gig Poster
Webb’s, Stockton
"Poster from the Victor Moscoso Neon Rose series."

1970 // Blood of the Condor Film Poster
The Other Cinema
"I like that this poster has a current feel because of the pixilated effect even though it’s all by hand."

1971 // A Page of Madness Film Poster
The Other Cinema
"A lost silent film originally made in 1926, The Page of Madness was rediscovered in 1971 and played at the Other Cinema."

1972 // Blow for Blow Film Poster
The Other Cinema
"My dads pop art, classic."

1975 // Nobody Knew They Were There Production Poster
Bush Theatre
"Funny to see it’s directed by Mel Smith early in his career, pre 'Alas Smith & Jones'.  And it's on my birthday."

1976 // Blood Sports Production Poster
Bush Theatre
"Love that green and the illustrations."

1977 // Blisters Production Poster
Bush Theatre

"It's about the faded pink."

1979 // Albert Einstein 100th Anniversary Poster
"I had this in my room when I was a little boy and recently got it back."

2008 // Saul Steinberg Exhibition Poster
Dulwich Picture Gallery

"I’m a big fan of Steinberg’s Illustrations, which this poster solely celebrates."