Everything You Need To Know : Sasquatchfabrix.

29 May 2016


It’s hard to classify Sasquatchfabrix., but that’s what makes it so good. Sasquatchfabrix. is a Japanese label that blurs the lines between East and West, culturally referencing a myriad of influences from around the world as well as their own Japanese roots in tongue in cheek style.The label was founded in 2003 by Daisuke Yokohama, an architecture student who found himself leaning more towards the worlds of graphic design and art.

Yokohama began publishing free papers (zines) focusing on the Japanese outsider art scene, as well as creating a sporadic collection of t-shirts all under the original ‘Wonder Worker Guerrilla Brand’ name. WWGB is the name used by a collection of Japanese artists for projects outside of fashion and clothing, but since designer Katsuki Araki left Japan in 2011 as a result of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, WWGB has laid dormant.







The name Sasquatchfabrix. is made up of two parts. The Sasquatch is a mysterious, unidentified animal said to inhabit the forests of Canada, and ‘fabrix.’ speaks for itself. The use of Sasquatch represents how Yokohama sees the brand; mysterious, undefinable and difficult to classify. As with most Japanese brands, Sasquatchfabrix.’s concept is summed up with a brilliantly unique and, in Yokohama’s own words ironic slogan, ‘High Performance Vandalism. Always Presenting A Sense of Freshness’.


It revolves around the idea that things develop layers of history over time, and these can be dug up, reappropriated, evolved and brought back to life in the present day. Yokohama believes that without history, nothing new can be well made. Yokohama grew up in a generation where the lines between cultures are blurred. It is this philosophy that is naturally channelled into every Sasquatchfabrix. collection, although the inspirations change season by season. Collections are built around wide ranging themes including Buddhism, 90s Hip Hop, nature and Japanese-American war films. Yokohama believes that fashion exists with time and it changes along the way, and that fashion itself should be an expression of time.








The brand has long been on the radar of those searching for that truly quintessential slice of Japanese garb, but following their somewhat unexpected collaboration with Supreme earlier this year, Sasquatchfabrix. will have graced the consciousness of a whole new generation of people, and will continue to do so.That doesn’t mean the label will change any time soon.

Sasquatchfabrix.’s ‘Oriental Trail’ SS16 collection is a mash up of influences including the historical Silk Road trade route, traditional Japanese clothing and classic skate/mod rock checkerboard. The mix is so wide and varied that it works, and always does. Sasquatchfabrix. is one of the most interesting labels in the world at the moment, let alone Japan, and long may it continue.








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