Product Focus : American Classics

04 Jul 2016

From classic American military clothing to 60s Ivy League style, the iconic California skate scene to blue collar workwear, the history of American clothing is rich and varied. Family owned brands such as Stan Ray, Moscot and Gitman Vintage have stood the test of time by offering honest, timeless and hard wearing clothing whilst American institutions like Levi's Vintage Clothing, Dickies and Converse have found themselves adopted by countless subcultures not only in America but throughout the world.








Stan Ray is based in Crockett, Texas, and have been manufacturing their product there since 1972. Earl Beard, a father of four, survived three lay offs at his employer, Kalman Machine Co. The third was the final straw, and he bought a handful of sewing machines from Kalman Machine Co. and started his own workwear company. Within twelve months his old employer wound up manufacturing in Texas. By this time, Earl built himself a solid reputation and took over the plant and a collection of contracts. In the early 80s, Earl started making painter pants under the name Stan Ray, his youngest sons name. During the 80s, Earls fatigue and military inspired workwear could be found around Japan's vintage markets. Stan Ray remains true to its original aesthetic today, providing well-made, reasonably priced workwear and fatigues.

  • OG107 4 Pocket Fatigue Trousers 8.5oz - Khaki Twill

    Stan RayOG107 4 Pocket Fatigue Trousers 8.5oz - Khaki Twill$91.0028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist

  • Single Front Painter Trousers - Natural

    Stan RaySingle Front Painter Trousers - Natural$97.5028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist








levi's vintage clothing

Levi Strauss's story is a well known one. A pioneer not only of the wild west but of innovation in clothing and branding, the story of the birth of jeans is as interesting as it is long. Founded in 1853 the legacy has continued into the modern era to offer the product that sets the bench mark for all denim. Levi's Vintage Clothing is the premium vintage line that takes inspiration from Levi's vast archive and recreates original Levi's pieces stitch for stitch.














      California's very own Vans need very little introduction. The brand boasts an unparalleled cultural history, most notably its role in skateboarding history from the mid 70s. We build our offer around the core styles that have stood the test of time since Vans' incetion in 1966 and remain the best in our opinion. A true Goodhood staple.








      Born in Brooklyn and still in the Moscot family hands over a decade later, this New York institution is renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear. A downtown aesthetic mixed with unparalleled craftmanship and expertise. The Moscot Originals collection is built up of styles from the Moscot family archive between the 1930's and the 1970's, celebrating the classic good looks and timeless design born in decades past. The eyewear retains the authenticity of original frame styles down to the colours of the frames and period details.

      • Miltzen Sunglasses - Crystal

        MoscotMiltzen Sunglasses - Crystal$344.5049

      • Lemtosh Sunglasses - Tortoise

        MoscotLemtosh Sunglasses - Tortoise$312.0046

      • Lemtosh Sunglasses - Black

        MoscotLemtosh Sunglasses - Black$344.5046








      At one point, one in three watches being sold in America was a Timex. They produce watches that are equal measures of function and military design. An iconic 1960s ad campaign saw Timex strap their watches to baseball bats, chucked off of cliffs on divers and strapped to outboard motors. It survived them all, birthing the slogan "takes a licking and keeps on ticking". Timex are masters of blending classic styling with modern technology. A true classic.











        • Reverse Weave Track Shorts - Black

          ChampionReverse Weave Track Shorts - Black$63.70S / M / L / XL



        Champion have grown to become perhaps the ultimate sweatshirt on the market today, with a cult status gained from their patented reverse weave technology. Founded in 1919, it wasn't until the 1950s that Champion really took off. The brands revolutionary reverse weave technology means the fabric is woven horizontally rather than vertically, ridding the garments of shrinkage and meaning they hold their shape for much longer. Like a lot of vintage garments, they began popping up in Japan and began re-manufacturing there before expanding distribution worldwide, and we're more than thankful they did.










        One of the bastions of American workwear, Dickies was founded in 1918 and produced uniforms for the U.S Military during World War II. The brands no-nonsense approach to workwear not only meant they were the go to garm for blue collar workers, but for countless subcultures throughout the late 80s and early 90s including hip-hop and skateboarding. Each piece of Dickies clothing stands for the quality, toughness and pride that embodies the spirit of the American worker.

        • Original 874 Work Trousers - Black

          DickiesOriginal 874 Work Trousers - Black$71.5028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist

        • Original 874 Work Trousers - Dark Brown

          DickiesOriginal 874 Work Trousers - Dark Brown$71.5028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist

        • Original 874 Work Trousers - Khaki

          DickiesOriginal 874 Work Trousers - Khaki$71.5028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist

        • Original 874 Work Trousers - White

          DickiesOriginal 874 Work Trousers - White$71.5028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist

        • Original 874 Work Trousers - Charcoal Grey

          DickiesOriginal 874 Work Trousers - Charcoal Grey$71.5028 Waist / 30 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist

        • Slim Straight 873 Work Trousers - Chocolate Brown

          DickiesSlim Straight 873 Work Trousers - Chocolate Brown$71.5030 Waist / 32 Waist / 34 Waist / 36 Waist








        Converse boast of the most instantly recognizable shoes of all time in the Chuck Taylor. It started life as a basketball sneaker and graduated into a fashion icon, and turns a hundred in 2017. Far from being an old man, the Chuck Taylor is stronger than ever, with Converse taking it back to the original spec. with the recent 1970's versions. The brands One Star silhouette couldn't live up to its older brothers reputation in Basketball, but gained a cult status thanks in part to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. 










          gitman vintage

          Gitman Vintage are one of the last true American shirt makers, with all their manufacturing still based in the USA. The shirts are produced by skilled workers with generations worth of experience. Their staples include Ivy League classics such as button down Oxfords and Madras plaids, as well as experimenting with new and innovative fabrics and patterns each season.