Here at The Goodhood Store we are extremely proud of our diverse selection of products from all corners of the globe. Whether it be cutting edge Scandinavian design or forward-thinking Japanese streetwear, we believe we have handpicked some of the best the world has to offer. However, one area that we are particularly proud to reperesent and one that is perhaps not as widely celebrated as it should be, is that of classic British design.

The past century has seen some incredible milestones in British Fashion. From the rich history of manufacturing in the North through to Savile Row tailoring, the birth of Punk through to the internationally acclaimed lifestyle brands of today, British Fashion far exceeds the reduction of a few token names thrown about at London Fashion Week.

From the expertly crafted footwear of Dr Martens to the lifestyle clothing of Paul Smith, we are proud to represent a range of what is great about classic British Design and in celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, we take an insightful look at the Best of British available at The Goodhood Store as well as offering 20% off all British Brands simply enter RIPMALCOLM at the checkout.

Paul Smith

Arguably Britain's greatest menswear export, Sir Paul Smith is a true British legend. After his dream of being a professional cyclist came to an abrupt end following a nasty accident, Sir Paul turned his hand to the fashion game. Starting out from a modest shopfront in Nottingham in 1970, Paul Smith went on to create an International fashion empire. Among his vast list of achievements, Paul Smith was the first man to import rare curiosities out of Japan and sell them in his shop, he was also the first to adopt Japanese selvedge denim with his Red Ear line, lightyears before this became standard practice. It's no secret that Paul Smith went on inspire a wave of young designers and 40 years later he continues to create clothing with an attention to detail that many younger labels would dream of possessing. Here at The Goodhood Store we are very proud to offer a handpicked selection of Paul Smith, spanning his multitude of sublabels.


Based in Brighton, everyone's favourite UK seaside destination, Fallow are a young denim brand producing quality jeans that are all hand made in Britain using the finest quality Japanese selvedge denim. The Fallow team pride themselves on creating jeans that are iconic in form but with an underlying element of subversion and playfulness. A very British sensibility if you ask us.

Dr. Martens

Dr Martens, Docs, DMs, are without a doubt the most iconic British footwear brand of all time. Conceived in tandem by Dr Marten of Munich and the Griggs family of Northampton, Dr Martens shoes combined an innovative "Air Wair" sole with premium upper construction to create an incredibly durable silhouette that soon became the shoe of choice for Britain's mass working classes.

Shortly after the shoes were adopted by Skinheads for their menacing aesthetic and functionality, and have since became synonymous with Skinhead culture. The brand was subsequently embraced by all major subcultural movements, from Mods to Punks and everything in between, cementing the brand a permanent position in the lexicon of popular culture. Today, Dr Martens is as strong as ever, due in part to a string of well executed high profile collaborations. However, you and I both know nothing beats a classic pair of DMs. The only question is - oxblood or black?


The philosophy of the Garbstore label is richly ensconced in the history of clothing produced after the Second World War and draws influence from what can be coined "Unfamiliar Vintage", familiar garments that reference the past but with a modern edge. For example jeans and trousers are tailored with fifties grip tape, all buttons are Tri-hole and sweats and tees follow vintage models. In essence pieces are re-imagined and made "historically new".

Universal Works

Universal Works is a brand built upon producing timeless, well designed, modest clothing right here in the UK. Utilising years of experience within the British fashion industry, the Universal Works team have built an indispensable network of small factories and production mills who they entrust to produce all of their premium quality garments. Inspired by equal measure of function and design, Universal Works is our go to brand for effortlessly cool classics.

Goodhood X R.Newbold

Founded by engineer Robert Brewster Newbold in Derby 1885, R. Newbold created rugged utilitarian garments for Britain's coalminers, military, police and firemen and became renown for his high quality and expert manufacturing. During the 70's a budding young designer from Nottingham named Paul Smith became closely tied to the Newbold factory, utilising their expert manufacturing skills for his own projects. Sir Paul was so enamoured with R. Newbold's tradition and craftsmanship that he would eventually buy the factory in 1991, which is still frequented to this day. In it's current incarnation R. Newbold clothing is a Japan only Paul Smith sublabel and twice a year The Goodhood Store is privileged to work alongside R. Newbold on a collaborative collection that is sold exclusively within brick & mortar R. Newbold stores in Japan as well as here at The Goodhood Store.


YMC is named after industrial designer Raymond Loewy's famous slogan, You Must Create', and YMC founders Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins have done just that with their modernist clothing design. Founded in 1995, YMCs initial reference points were workwear, military attire and the football terraces of the early 1980s. As the label has grown, the reference points remain, but the design has evolved into incredibly understated, and beautiful  aesthetic, earning the brand a loyal following along the way. YMC are not concerned with fickle trends or gaudy design, but rather creating timeless, expertly manufactured clothing that appeals to anyone with an eye for design. Loewy would be proud.


Tender founder William Kroll is one of the most passionate denim enthusiasts we have ever come across, and this really resonates within his brands product. Based around the antique workwear of the British Industrial Revolution, Tender jeans are made with heavyweight Japanese denim and are further constructed using a variety of artisanal methods all around the UK. Rarely do we witness this much love and care in the development and manufacturing process and the end result is arguably some of the most unique and painstakingly brilliant denim on the planet. Furthermore, every single pair on Tender jeans is accompanied by a hand signed letter from Kroll himself outlining your new responsibility as a Tender owner. Incredible.

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