An exciting addition to our men’s roster for us this season is Stockholm based Our Legacy. Known for its intelligence and modern call on fabrics, cuts and quality garments, it’s a go-to label for classic pieces with a subtle twist; premium materials comfortably adapted for the city.

Starting out playing junior ice hockey in the early 90’s, the co-founders came back together in 2005 to set up the brand. Creating printed t-shirts in a small studio environment, Jockum Hallin and Christopher Nying are now co-founders of a global brand.

Stating they make “classic garments from your granddad’s wardrobe” but “remodeled to fit our life and time”, Our Legacy uses iconic clothing from past generations and refines them for today. There’s a clear indication of the above quote in their SS15 collection, ‘Ignition’. Using a natural, earthy palette with details of watercolour blues and oranges, it features leather, work style jackets, knitwear and crinkled shirting.

Sourcing traditional fabrics from all over the world, one example in this collection can be seen in the Terry Shirt; a traditional oxford style shirt constructed from 100% cotton, Italian woven terry toweling fabric. Sounds odd, but it generates an intriguing roughness to an otherwise simple outfit.

Our Legacy can’t be easily defined as a brand, it doesn’t definitively sit in a particular fashion sphere, but that results in a broad customer base. They use fashion as a fast mode of communication, applying influences such as 1950s expressionist authors and artists, for their well dressed, conservative, yet relaxed image. It’s not always forthcoming, which is why they trust their customer to understand the brand’s message, but the references are never so obtuse that newcomers to the brand are alienated. Their clean approach to construction and styling means there is something for everyone in each collection, whether you're familiar with the brand or not, and most pieces can be dressed up and down.

Hybrid pieces are a trademark of Our Legacy. The brand is often clashing unexpected textiles to discover something new or to create fresh and unique garments. It could be suit trousers with an elasticated waist or a suede shirt with zip fastening instead of buttons. It’s all in the small details; something that the Scandinavian brands seem to get so right.

Our first selection includes work shirts in light wash denim, suede, zip front over shirt and heavy-duty raglan twisted knitwear (modeled after your old man’s salt and pepper socks). Each item is unique in its own right, and each collection is a fragment of the whole brand and its outlook. Totally interchangeable, it’s hard not to want every piece, and they will be as effortlessly timeless twenty years down the line as they are today. 

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Jockum Hallin and Christopher Nying

Our Legacy's SS15 Collection, Ignition