Staff Styles Vol.3


Check out what the team are wearing during the tricky transitional period...



Our Legacy top

Vans Half cab


Ben wears Our Legacy / Dickies / Vans. 







Baserange top

Tom Wood Ring


Nat wears Baserange / Tom Wood / Vans






Stussy Bucket hat

Fuct T-shirt


Kyle wears Stussy / Dickies / Converse







Junya Watanabe Shirt

Denim Jacket pins


Ray wears Junya Watanabe / Have A Good Time / Vans







Aries Top

Aries Top


Aya wears Stussy / Aries / Baserange







Needles Top

Needles top


Ralph wears Needles / Dickies / Converse







Sun Buddies Sunglasses



Rachel wears Sun Buddies / Levis / Vans









Sun Buddies Sunglasses



Debs wears Sun Buddies / Alexander Wang / Eytys










Joe wears Sasquatchfabrix. / Wacko Maria / Vans







Needles rebuild shirt

Needles Rebuild shirt 


Benny wears Needles / Goods by Goohood / Converse







Cav Empt Sweater

Dr Martens shoes


Jeremy wears C.E / Levis / Dr.Martens







Neighborhood Top

Have a good Time Iphone case


Sahra wears Neighborhood / Have A Good Time / Vans







Wacko Maria jacket

Wacko maria Jacket


Kyle wears Sasquatchfabrix. / Wacko Maria / Vans







Undercover Top

Undercover Jacket


Andy wears Undercover / Neighborhood / Converse







Needles Shirt

Needles Shirt


Matt wears Needles / Stan Ray / Vans








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