Conceived by Danish Ejnar Lauridsen in 1958, Elka has the focused vision of creating only the best utilitarian weatherproof clothing. Over time Lauridsen has continued to challenge all of the extremes Mother Nature has to offer, developing high-quality garments with unrivalled functionality for all of Denmark's workforces. From traffic police to deep-sea fisherman, Elka have clothed them all in their award-winning wares.

It was a stroke of genius when fellow Danes Norse Projects decided to collaborate with Elka on a piece of outerwear, incorporating the functionality and technology Elka are famed for into a more fashion-forward silhouette. Since its debut the Elka Jacket has been a consistently strong staple in the Norse Projects roster and has been adopted by streetwear enthusiasts all over the world.

With the arrival of the new Elka Parka Jacket, a slightly elongated update of the classic original, we thought it no better time than now to investigate what exactly makes the Norse Projects Elka Jacket one of the most versatile and functional jackets on the market. From 100% waterproof heat taped seams to optimal vented lining, behold the make up of the mighty Elka jacket