The Goodhood Store is excited to present the latest from superior British denim brand Tender. This season's offerings include the Purple Logwood Dyed Denim Tapered Jeans and Woad Dyed Denim Tapered Jeans. The Purple Logwood Dyed Denim come in 17oz Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge, Unbleached Denim and are a true work of art. Logwood, also known as Blood Wood, is Native to the West Indies and South America, and was used as a dye for thousands of years by the Aztec and Mayan peoples. This dying technique results in a deep dark purple pair of jeans like no other, the stiffness of the denim, triple stitched seams and kick pressed copper dome rivets makes this pair of denim seriously robust and will last you a lifetime. The Woad Dyed Denim completely different history behind the method that originated on the other side of the world to the West Indies and South America. Tender's Woad Dyed Garments are Made in England, then dip dyed by hand between 5 and 7 times each, in Woad from the South of France. Woad has been cultivated in Europe for its blue dye since the stone age, and over centuries South West France became known as the area where the very best Woad was grown, due to it's warm, sunny climate. Historically a Royal dye, and after the French Revolution Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte declared Woad as the Imperial colour. Over time Indigo started to be imported, with cotton, from European colonies in the Americas, first into Nimes, and as new, cheaper fabrics such as Serge de Nimes were introduced, Woad dyeing gradually died out. When you invest in a pair of Tender denim you are investing in a piece of denim history and surely everyone wants a piece of that?