2017 in review: The faves, The Fashion, The Far-Reaching, and The future. 




Remember that time, all the way back in January, when we all agreed that 2017 was going to be better than 2016? Remember that? What happened, exactly?

Just kidding. But still, it’s difficult to act as if this year was the wonderful antidote to last year that we were all hoping it would be. If 2016 was a year of shock, disappointment and uncertainty, then 2017 was arguably the year we began to lower our expectations and just embrace that uncertainty in all its dystopian glory. Thing is, we’ve kind of been here before. Though the specifics may have changed and we might be dealing with one or two new characters, the sense of alienation that permeated 2017 was straight out of the ‘80s Cold War playbook. World powers with puffed-up leaders pointing missiles at each other, a frustratingly resolute UK blustering about as it goes its own way, floods, forest fires, blizzards and hurricanes wreaking havoc across the planet. It’s no wonder the past 18 months has seen Hollywood rebooting countless classic ‘80s films with pre- and post-apocalyptic storylines, from Mad Max to Blade Runner, to Predator – hey, if we’re going to be dealing with the existential dread of an impending nuclear showdown, we might as well have some good old Hollywood blockbusters to keep us entertained in the bunker, right?

Besides, even if it wasn’t all great, it hasn’t been all bad either. Along with that uncertainty, it feels like this was the year that people started to really wake up to the importance of participation; engaging with the world and its problems, pushing forward to effect change and find a new way forward. 
Of course, many of the big news stories of this year were often depressing and difficult to process, but when you look at the way the public at large has responded to them, it’s possible to see a light at the end of the tunnel

Last year showed many of us what can happen when you leave a bad thing to fester without addressing it (particularly in political contexts), and it’s been refreshing to see people so ready to fight back in 2017, whatever the monster we’re up against.

And beyond that, there’s been some really uplifting stories as well. Chance the Rapper continued to shine with his philanthropic work, donating $1 million to the Chicago Public School system back in March. Hollywood and television alike discovered the importance of telling marginalized stories and as a result, we received amazing media like Moonlight, Get Out and Call Me By Your Name. And furthermore, it was a year in which we seemed to continue to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, with more of us having the courage to speak out about our problems, and others providing the support we need. Forgive me if I feel just a little warm and fuzzy inside.

But hey, I don’t want to weigh you down with all that bigger picture stuff. The point is, 2017 might not have been the respite we were all hoping it would be at its beginning. In fact, for me, it seemed to fly by and hit harder than any year before. But things happened – like, real, serious things. So with that in mind, we caught up with some friends and family of the Goodhood team to get their perspective on the past twelve months, discover some of their personal highlights, and hopefully make sense of the motion blur that was 2017.


        - Greg K ( / @GREGK___ / IG @gregk___)





Co-founder @ Soulland (@silasadler1985 / IG @silasadler)

What's been your album of the year?

Wu-Tang - Enter The 36 Chambers.

Who's been the villain of the year?

Donald! That dude is so fucking wack.

What's the deal with hype culture?

I still need to figure that one out!

Pop culture used to be a tangible thing. Now it's all Salt Baes and Snapchat Hotdogs. What happened?

Well, somebody wanted to control humans to sell them shit that they did not need. Then they put their grandson in as the puppet for this shitty company that sells people useless information, and people think it's for free but, really, you pay. And then all of a sudden people get insanely stupid and there you go: fucking salt on some meat.

What's up with those darn millennials?

Everything! The central nervous system gets off at Grailed and Instagram and serves you the endorphin kick. Kids don't need to go deep into hard drugs, but just for a lil’ bit broaden your horizons... 

What're you looking forward to in 2018?

Doing new stuff in new ways. 


Co-founder @ Goodhood (IG @jo_goodhood)

What’s been your favourite film of 2017?

I haven't got one - I spent most of my time listening to podcasts. This one, Duncan Trussell speaking to Dennis McKenna (the lesser known brother of Terrance), was insanely good. Check THIS out.

Who’s been the hero of the year, and why?

Duncan Trussell for being funny, honest, unprejudiced, and opening people's minds. 

What have been the best and worst collabs of the year?

Supreme x LV. Vulgar.

What word or phrase has been overused to death?


What 2017 trend needs to go away?

Tech companies dodging tax.

Who’s been the villain of the year, and why?

There's too many to list - lots of bad people doing bad things, it's sad. But, there are also so many amazing people doing good things. We live in crazy polarised times.





Founder @ Ashley Williams London (@happyashleyland / IG @ashleywilliamslondon)

What's been your album of the year?

Hmm, I haven't listened to any new albums really, but I've been listening to a lot of space sounds, celestial white noise, and planet sounds. It's really relaxing and interesting as it's naturally formed with no human direction.

What have been the best and worst collabs of the year?

Best: Beans and toast.
Worst: Pizza and pineapple.


What word or phrase has been overused to death?

Maybe 'like' in the middle of sentences. I hate saying it, but I say it too often.

What's been your pop culture moment of 2017?

The Women's Marches.

And what are you looking forward to in 2018?

Going camping with my doggos! 


Graphic Designer / Illustrator (IG @jirojiz)

What's been your album of the year?

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Passive AggressiveThose guys are doing great stuff over in Amsterdam.

What word or phrase has been overused to death?

'Vibe', 'squad', 'this is everything', 'blessed', 'literally', 'i'm dying' to name but a few!

What's the deal with hype culture?

I guess it’s always been around but, like with everything else these days, with the internet and social media things just seem exaggerated and take on different names and slight variations. It seems to be another form of consumerism, and we’re all guilty of it to some degree.

What's been your pop culture moment of 2017?

The return of Curb. It's been way too long.

Who's been the villain of the year?

Trump is the obvious one. Every day I wake up and read another fucking stupid thing he’s done or said to ruin things even more. It’s so depressing that he seems to thrive off people’s fear to spread hate, but the world’s been getting fucked for a long before he came into power. Now and then I read one of his tweets and then actually remember this cunt is the most powerful person on the planet.

I know, right? In that case, what's the fakest piece of fake news you've heard this year?

Fake News itself, and the idea that’s it’s something new. As if all the information we’ve been told up until ‘fake news’ came about was legit.









Musician (@unkleofficial / IG @unkleofficial)

What have been your albums of the year?

I really liked the Ghostpoet [Dark Days and Canapés] record, Horrors V was pretty dope and Thundercat’s Drunk. It was more a year of great moments in music though, from Sampha to BicepSasha to Daphni, there were some great moments.

Who've been the heroes of the year?

Women, and my girlfriend. Lots of positive change!

What 2017 trend needs to go away?

Bad judgement.

What were the best and worst collaborations this year?

Best: My album, of course. 
Worst: The top 40. It’s like a supermarket of corporate brands having an orgy without a condom.

Millenials are shunning the club and pill for snapchat and chill. Why?

The party is over! P.S. The drugs were better and there was no social media!


Founders / Editor @ Champ Magazine (Ala Champ / IG @moniquekawecki @joannakawecki)

What have been your favourite podcasts of 2017?

Both: How I Built This with Guy Raz.

And what’s been your album of the year?

M: Sza - Ctrl.
J: Karriem Riggins - Headnod Suite.

Whats has been 2017's art & design highlight?

M: Earlier in the year the Anne Imhof’s ‘Faust’ work at the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (a reflection of society) and then most recently The Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture in Shenzhen by Liu Xiaodu and Meng Yan (of architecture studio URBANUS) because of the urgent societal matters their work highlights. 

J: The opening of the new Hiroshi Sugimoto ‘Enoura’ observatory (which was 10 years in the making!), located in the local area of Odawara, surrounded mandarin farms, and overlooking Segami Bay. Also Tadao Ando’s retrospective exhibition at The National Art Centre in Tokyo (celebrating their 10th Anniversary) was monumental! They recreated a full-scale replica of his most renowned work, The Church of Light.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

M: A focus on responsible consumption and sustainability. A circular economy! We saw it happening this year, but now with a demand for transparency from consumers, main corporations are jumping on the bandwagon to produce less with better materials. Really excited about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation instigating these changes through thorough research which hasn’t been done before!

J: Looking forward to Manifesta 12 in Palermo, with the concept and city explored by OMA setting the foundations for the pivotal biennale.









Co-founder @ Brain Dead (IG @farmtactics)

Who's been the hero of 2017?

Ed Davis.

What's the deal with hype culture?

It's uber-capitalism at its worst. It's insane... Very scary shit.

What 2017 trend needs to go away?

Using the word "CULTURE".

What's the fakest bit of fake news you've heard this year?

That everyone would become a millionaire off Bitcoin.

Oat milk or turmeric latte?

Chicken Tikka Masala no-fat lattes.

What're you looking forward to in 2018?

Ending 2017!


Co-founder @ Perks and Mini (@perksandmini)

What's been your album of the year?

Domestic Documents Vol.2 compiled by Butter Sessions and Noise In My Head.

What have been the best and worst collabs this year?

Undercover x Sacai.
Perks and Mini x Hermès.

Who's been the villain of the year?

Apple. Corporations need to lead on environmental and ethical issues; Apple is a company that used to feel connected to the progressive Californian. Not anymore.

What's the fakest piece of fake news you've heard this year?

Tomatoes give you cancer.

Where do we go after the oat milk turmeric latte?

Matcha with dopamine bean powder - I'm being serious! Next level.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

When humans become phones, the next evolution.









DJ / Producer (@trevorjofficial)

Who's been the hero of the year?

Gina Miller, for being fearless.

What have been the best and worst collaborations this year?

Best: Cuphead & Mugman.
Worst: Conservatives & The DUP.

Who's been the villain of the year?

The orange clown, obviously.

2017 saw the rise of oat milk and turmeric lattes. Where do we go from here?

Virgil Abloh cereal.




Salt Bae or Snapchat Hotdog?

I honestly have no idea what either of those are? 

What's the deal with hype culture?

Anything that places PR over concept and execution is ultimately flawed.


Founder @ LF Markey (@lfmarkey /  IG @lfmarkey)

Who's been the hero of the year?

Jeremy Corbyn, for being right-on and engaging the youth in politics.

What have been the best and worst collabs this year?

Best: Uniqlo x Christophe Lemaire. 
Worst: Kendall Jenner’s ad for Pepsi.

What's the deal with hype culture?

The hive mind is easily excitable!

What's the fakest piece of fake news you've heard this year?

There's been too much, it all fades into a blur.

2017 saw the rise of oat milk and turmeric lattes. Where do we go from here?

I predict a lot of veganism next year, I might give it a go.

What's been your pop culture moment of 2017?

I finally succumbed to RuPaul's Drag Race. It's complete genius.

Millenials and Gen Z'ers are going out less, barely drinking, and turning away from drugs. What’s wrong with them?

I've heard this too! I'm both surprised and impressed. Maybe we need to get the memo.





Co-founder @ Brain Dead

What have been your favourite films of 2017?

1/ Blade Runner 2049
2/ Get Out.
3/ Thor Ragnorok.

And what have been your favourite books this year?

1/ Stranger in the Woods - Michael Finkel.
2/ Southern Reach Trilogy - Jeff VanderMeer
3/ Frankenstein Unbound - Brian Aldiss (thanks, Ferg!)

...And what are your top albums of 2017?

1/ Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives.
2/ Ghost in the Shell (Animated) soundtrack (first vinyl release).
3/ Midori Takada - Through the Looking Glass (reissue).

Who's been the hero of the year?

People standing up to sexual harassment, racism, homophobia and injustice. Parents sacrificing for their children. Anybody spreading the message of love over hate.

What's the best collaborative effort you've seen this year?

Tom Sachs x Nike. I like Tom Sachs, I like the story behind it. I also like that he saw flaws in his original design over time and wanted to correct them.

What's happened to pop culture?

"There were too many of us, we had access to too much equipment, too much money, and little by little we went insane.” - Francis Ford Coppola. 

What're you looking forward to in 2018?

 Friends, travel, work, love, and staying positive.









Ok Ok, there is it.. 2017 .. out the door. Boom. See ya. Bye. What a year, we think you can all agree...

The highlights here... Well, Goodhood became 10 years old. Wow. We can't quite believe it. It was a bit of a whirlwind, personal circumstances meant we had less time to procrastinate than ever, but we pulled off some new milestones to mark the occasion. If you had told us 10 years ago that we would have collaborated with Vans, Dr Martens, Neighbourhood, Timex, and even sold out of a collaboration with Studio Arhoj on the day of release we wouldn't have believed it. No way. We are so humbled to have worked with our partners on these projects, and there are plenty more on the way. Keep your eyes peeled for 2018. Also a massive thank you to our amazing network of customers, with you're help we will keep growing the Goodhood experience and celebrating independent retail!!

The lowlights: R.I.P Gwarizm. 

Anyway, as the world falls apart around us it's important to take stock and recognise our shared characteristics as humans on this tiny planet we call home. We may look different and this is something to celebrate but we are all the same... let's try to celebrate our differences and look beyond social media for validation of our selves. We have all learnt this has serious consequences. The words of Timothy Leary come to mind and have particular resonance at this time of year, so whether you're sat by the fire with a White Russian, or getting a spiritual awakening in the jungle in South America we urge you, just for a moment, to "turn on, tune in, and drop out...

Peace x








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