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15 Jun 2017


The Secret of Sense 


   Many of the brands in our beauty & grooming selection carry hidden stories. Delve a little deeper and learn something new below. 







Escentric Molecules 01
Escentric Molecules 01 w/ Travel Case

Safe Travels 

Escentric Molecules' smaller 30ml bottles are the perfect size for keeping with you on the go. The aluminium travel case means you can chuck it in your bag without fear of leakage and breakages. When you run out, all you need to do is re-up on the 30ml bottle (a steal at £27 if you ask us) and you're good to go. 



  • Escentric 01 - 100ml

    Escentric MoleculesEscentric 01 - 100ml$92.88100ml

  • Molecule 01 - 100ml

    Escentric MoleculesMolecule 01 - 100ml$92.88100ml

  • Escentric 01 Travel Size with Case - 30ml

    Escentric MoleculesEscentric 01 Travel Size with Case - 30ml$59.3430ml






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retaW - A Fragrance to Live By...





All For One, One For All

The genius of Hiroshi Fujiwara's retaW is that each particular scent crosses over a number of different products, which are all designed to be used in different ways. Find the scent you love, and apply it to every aspect of daily life! The brilliant fragrance tabs easily slot into wallets and bags to keep them smelling fresh, whilst room and car tags, fragrance diffusers and fabric sprays freshen up clothing and your home. Expert product for body and soul.

retawretaW Fragrance Tablets w/ Comme des Garçons Wallet




retaw solid perfumeretaW Solid Perfume - Barney

Special Product: Solid Perfume

Further cementing retaW's status as pure innovators is their solid perfume range. The idea does away with liquid completely. Instead, the perfume is a thick gel that can be applied anywhere on the body and simply rubbed into the skin like a moisturiser. The compact tube allows you to carry them around in your bag with you as an everyday essential. 



  • Fragrance Solid Perfume - Barney*

    retaWFragrance Solid Perfume - Barney*$25.80One Size

  • Fragrance Room Tag - Barney

    retaWFragrance Room Tag - Barney$25.80One Size







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The Perfect Gift - Mini's

When it comes to giving gifts, cosmetics are always an easy win. If you're not sure whether the recipient might love the smell as much as you, opt for a smaller size to test the waters. Brands including Comme des Garçons, Escentric Molecules, Aesop and Grown Alchemist all offer smaller, travel friendly sizes to their most popular fragrances and cosmetics as well as dedicated travel kits and gift sets.


MALIN_GOETZ_SQUARE.jpgComme des Garçons Amazingreen 50ml



  • Malin+Goetz Perfume Oil - Cannabis

    Malin+GoetzMalin+Goetz Perfume Oil - Cannabis$51.609ml

  • Malin+Goetz Scented Votive Candle 67g - Tobacco

    Malin+GoetzMalin+Goetz Scented Votive Candle 67g - Tobacco$20.6467g

  • Comme des Garcons 2 Eau de Parfum - 50ml

    Comme des Garcons ParfumsComme des Garcons 2 Eau de Parfum - 50ml$90.3050ml

  • Escentric 03 Travel Size - 30ml

    Escentric MoleculesEscentric 03 Travel Size - 30ml$46.4430ml

  • Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm - 75ml

    AesopReverence Aromatique Hand Balm - 75ml$24.5175ml

  • Marrakech Intense Parfum - 10ml

    AesopMarrakech Intense Parfum - 10ml$81.2710ml

  • Boston Travel Kit

    AesopBoston Travel Kit$64.50One Size












COMME_INCENSE_SQUARE.jpgComme des Garçons 'Incense' series

Get Spiritual

Characterized by their radical bottle design, forward thinking visuals and unique advertising campaigns, Comme des Garçons parfum collection now includes more than forty individual scents across parfum, eau de toilette and home fragrance. The 'Incense' series are inspired by the five main spiritual teachings of humanity and are named after the cities significant for those teachings. 



  • Comme des Garcons Incense Series 3 Avignon Eau de Toilette - 50m

    Comme des Garcons ParfumsComme des Garcons Incense Series 3 Avignon Eau de Toilette - 50m$83.8550ml

  • Comme des Garcons Incense Series 3 Zagorsk Eau de Toilette - 50m

    Comme des Garcons ParfumsComme des Garcons Incense Series 3 Zagorsk Eau de Toilette - 50m$83.8550ml

  • Comme des Garcons Incense Series 3 Kyoto Eau de Toilette - 50ml

    Comme des Garcons ParfumsComme des Garcons Incense Series 3 Kyoto Eau de Toilette - 50ml$83.8550ml






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New Age Luxury Bathing

Do away with your bath bombs and dive head first into a new generation of brands taking a dynamic, eco-friendly, sustainable and holistic approach to cosmetics. Margate based Haeckels have one of just two licenses in the UK that enables them to harvest seaweed from the English coastline. This seaweed is a main ingredient across their entire range, which is all based on the tradition of 'Thalassotherapy'; the use of seawater in cosmetics and health treatment. 


Haeckels Natural Seaweed Haeckels Natural Seaweed Body Block



  • Seaweed / Buckthorn Body Cleanser - 350ml

    HaeckelsSeaweed / Buckthorn Body Cleanser - 350ml$43.86350ml

  • Exfoliating Seaweed Soap Block - 300g

    HaeckelsExfoliating Seaweed Soap Block - 300g$23.22300g

  • Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm Tube - 120ml

    AesopRejuvenate Intensive Body Balm Tube - 120ml$32.25120ml

  • Resolute Body Balm Tube - 120ml

    AesopResolute Body Balm Tube - 120ml$32.25120ml

  • Malin+Goetz Rum Body Wash - 473ml

    Malin+GoetzMalin+Goetz Rum Body Wash - 473ml$41.28473ml






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GROWN_ALCHEMIST_481.jpgGrown Alchemist Natural Hand Cream

All Natural Alchemy

The formulation of all-natural cosmetics has become much more commonplace in recent times. While Grown Alchemist's ingredients list may read like a page in a chemistry textbook, they only use natural components and organic antioxidants, which are of course in turn far better for your skin and body. 




  • Skin Cream 02 - 30ml

    Dr. Jackson'sSkin Cream 02 - 30ml$51.60$25.8030ml

  • Purifying Body Exfoliant: Pearl, Peppermint & Yl

    Grown AlchemistPurifying Body Exfoliant: Pearl, Peppermint & Yl$30.96170ml

  • Intensive Body Cream: Rosa Damascena, Acai & Pom

    Grown AlchemistIntensive Body Cream: Rosa Damascena, Acai & Pom$27.09120ml

  • Seaweed / Geranium Hand Balm - 50ml

    HaeckelsSeaweed / Geranium Hand Balm - 50ml$23.2250ml







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