Hestra stems from the family business Martin Magnusson & Co which was founded in 1936 and is today run by the 3rd and 4th generation of Magnussons. Hestra is the branch of the business that makes gloves and is the namesake of the town where the company is based.

With years of expert knowledge, over 400 styles, available in up to 30 colours, a pair of Hestra gloves stand for quality and attention to detail.

  • Montgomery Lambskin Suede Glove - Black

    HestraMontgomery Lambskin Suede Glove - Black$208.00$145.60M / L

  • Leather Pique Cashmere Glove - Red

    HestraLeather Pique Cashmere Glove - Red$143.00$100.10S / M / L

  • Suede Pique Cashmere Glove - Black

    HestraSuede Pique Cashmere Glove - Black$143.00$100.10S / M / L