Venice, Italy

The Venetian term 'Barena', of Celtic origin, is little-known in Italian, and indicates the territory of the lagoon between land and water. A love for this unique place, a curiosity and desire to penetrate a centuries-old tradition and research the manners and fashions of great charm, together with a know-how handed down over generations - all these things lead up to the birth of the Barena brand.

Barena derives its inspiration from the people that populated the Venetian estuary; many of the pieces in the collection are reinterpretations of unique garments found in museums, or in books and antique prints depicting the everyday life of a bygone era. Each of Barena's collections respects tradition and unites this with the use and interpretation of high-quality, natural fabrics, from wool to linen, the choice of which is dictated by a wish to safeguard the heritage of the local textile tradition.

  • Olimpia Coat - Biscotto

    BarenaOlimpia Coat - Biscotto$1137.50S / M

  • Flaminia Top - Red

    BarenaFlaminia Top - Red$234.00XS / S / M

  • Adelia Jumper - Black

    BarenaAdelia Jumper - Black$305.50XS / S / M

  • Ida Trouser - Black

    BarenaIda Trouser - Black$338.00XS / S / M

  • Ida Trouser - Charcoal

    BarenaIda Trouser - Charcoal$292.50XS / S / M

  • Garbo Trouser - Army Green

    BarenaGarbo Trouser - Army Green$286.00XS / S / M