CHUP Socks


Made in Japan Chup socks are some of the most beautifully crafted socks we have come across. Inspired by nature, the unique and playful designers look to the classic Navajo patterning that will no doubt be a year round staple.

Produced exlusively with recycled threads called Eco Yarn these socks are not only ethical but offer superior comfort and style. We may have found your new favourite sock!

  • CHUP Winter Garden Socks - Navy

    CHUP SocksCHUP Winter Garden Socks - Navy$31.20M / L

  • CHUP Ruska Socks - Red

    CHUP SocksCHUP Ruska Socks - Red$31.20M / L

  • CHUP Kaamos Socks - Charcoal

    CHUP SocksCHUP Kaamos Socks - Charcoal$31.20M / L

  • CHUP Northern Lights Socks - Purple

    CHUP SocksCHUP Northern Lights Socks - Purple$31.20M / L