Cutler and Gross

London, England

Cutler and Gross is a British luxury eyewear brand founded at the tail end of the Swinging Sixties, in 1969. Built on a range of sunglasses and optical frames whose trademark are numbered designs and the absence of any overt branding, they have become a mainstay for many in the world of art, design, music and film.

For decades, the brand’s signature combination of Italian craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style had spread amongst style circles by word of mouth, a brand for those in the know. It’s not difficult to see why – central to the brand’s ethos is the idea that the Cutler and Gross customer has always been an individual, something reflected in the character and detailing of their handcrafted product.

  • 1267 Sunglasses - Palladium Plated/Pale Blue

    Cutler and Gross1267 Sunglasses - Palladium Plated/Pale Blue$522.45One Size

  • 1267 Sunglasses - Gold Plated/Pale Purple

    Cutler and Gross1267 Sunglasses - Gold Plated/Pale Purple$561.15One Size

  • 1266 Sunglasses - Palladium Plated/Pale Green

    Cutler and Gross1266 Sunglasses - Palladium Plated/Pale Green$522.45One Size

  • 1266 Sunglasses - Gold Plated/Pale Pink

    Cutler and Gross1266 Sunglasses - Gold Plated/Pale Pink$561.15One Size

  • 1272-02 Sunglasses - Gold/Reef Blue

    Cutler and Gross1272-02 Sunglasses - Gold/Reef Blue$316.05One Size

  • 1269-04 Sunglasses - Gold/Miele

    Cutler and Gross1269-04 Sunglasses - Gold/Miele$361.20One Size

  • 1269-01 Sunglasses - Black

    Cutler and Gross1269-01 Sunglasses - Black$361.20One Size