Montebelluna, Italy

Diemme is a coming together of artisans from all over the world; Italy, Norway, Sweden and Japan. Built upon more than twenty years of experience within the hunting, mountaineering, trekking, safety and military worlds, all Diemme footwear is produced in Italy. 

The Diemme collection ranges from ligther footwear such as slip ons and sneakers, to more technical hunting and mountaineering silhouettes re-adapted for the city streets, with most of the materials coming from Italy itself. All parties at Diemme are committed to making product of the highest quality, from desingers to manufacturers. 

  • Veneto Alto High Top - Leopard Suede/Shearling

    DiemmeVeneto Alto High Top - Leopard Suede/Shearling$374.10$187.05UK3 / UK4 / UK5 / UK6 / UK7

  • Alberone Chelsea Boot - Black Desert Oasis

    DiemmeAlberone Chelsea Boot - Black Desert Oasis$393.45$276.06UK3 / UK4 / UK5 / UK6 / UK7

  • Roccia Vet Boot - Cloud Pink

    DiemmeRoccia Vet Boot - Cloud Pink$419.25$294.12UK3 / UK4 / UK5 / UK6 / UK7