Good Worth

California, U.S.A.

California's Good Worth makes ordinary objects infinitely cooler with their selection of customisable keys and enamel pins. Founded with a simple idea for a middle finger key, they’ve grown into a lifestyle brand known for quality, humour, and attention to detail.

Offering up something a little bit different in the way of accessories, their range of badass enamel pin badges are favourites of ours at Goodhood.

  • Best Of Luck Pin - Silver/Red

    Good WorthBest Of Luck Pin - Silver/Red$10.32One Size

  • Blow Up Doll Pin - Multi

    Good WorthBlow Up Doll Pin - Multi$10.32One Size

  • Money Pin - White/Red

    Good WorthMoney Pin - White/Red$10.32One Size

  • Care Pin - White/Red

    Good WorthCare Pin - White/Red$10.32One Size

  • Tropics Pin - Multi

    Good WorthTropics Pin - Multi$10.32One Size

  • 5-0 Pin

    Good Worth5-0 Pin$10.32One Size

  • Best Wishes Pin

    Good WorthBest Wishes Pin$10.32One Size

  • x Playboy Pin - Turquoise

    Good Worthx Playboy Pin - Turquoise$12.90One Size

  • Cocktail Club Pin - Multi

    Good WorthCocktail Club Pin - Multi$10.32One Size

  • 8 Ball Pin - Black/White

    Good Worth8 Ball Pin - Black/White$10.32One Size

  • Cherry Pin - Multi

    Good WorthCherry Pin - Multi$10.32One Size

  • Adults Only Pin Badge - Brass

    Good WorthAdults Only Pin Badge - Brass$10.32One Size

  • Peep Show Pin Badge - Enamel

    Good WorthPeep Show Pin Badge - Enamel$10.32One Size