Happy-Nes is a handcrafted accessory design brand that aims to articulate colourful lifestyles. Inspired by different cultures and islands, all Happy-Nes products are 100% hand made. A stylish solution to lost or tangled earphones, Happy-Nes have constructed a range of colourful, handcrafted headsets.


  • Apple iPhone 7/8/X Earphones - Luna

    Happy-NesApple iPhone 7/8/X Earphones - Luna$104.00One Size

  • Apple iPhone 7/8/X Earphones - Cosmic

    Happy-NesApple iPhone 7/8/X Earphones - Cosmic$104.00One Size

  • Apple iPhone 6 Earphones - Shooting Star

    Happy-NesApple iPhone 6 Earphones - Shooting Star$104.00One Size