Hato Press x HIMAA

Hato Press is an independent printing and publishing house based in Hoxton, London. Established in 2009, they think of their practice and studio as an autonomous experimental space to encourage collaborators to develop ideas and facilitate both the production and distribution of new content.

Himaa (Masanao Hirayama) is a Japanese artist and illustrator based in Tokyo. Both come together for ‘Spot 10 Differences’, an exclusive collection of prints, stationery, and accessories centred around the artist's zine, published by the London publisher.

  • Artist Print - 10000000 Yen

    Hato Press x HIMAAArtist Print - 10000000 Yen$71.50One Size

  • Artist Print - Flower

    Hato Press x HIMAAArtist Print - Flower$71.50One Size

  • Artist Print - Face

    Hato Press x HIMAAArtist Print - Face$71.50One Size

  • Face T-Shirt - White

    Hato Press x HIMAAFace T-Shirt - White$58.50S / M / L / XL

  • 10000000 Yen Socks - White

    Hato Press x HIMAA10000000 Yen Socks - White$26.00One Size

  • Spot 10 Differences Zine

    Hato Press x HIMAASpot 10 Differences Zine$26.00One Size