Levi's Vintage Clothing

San Francisco, U.S.A

Levi Strauss's story is the well-known tale of the creation of the world’s first denim brand. A pioneer of innovation in clothing and branding, the story of the birth of jeans is as interesting as it is long. Founded in 1853, the legacy has continued into the modern era to offer products that set the benchmark for all denim, from their signature 501 Denim Jeans to the Original Denim Jacket.

Levi's Vintage Clothing is the premium vintage line that takes inspiration from Levi's vast archive and recreates the products with care and authenticity. Perfect staple pieces executed with love and an intuitive understanding of quality.

  • Levi's 1950s 701 Denim Jeans - Del Mar

    Levi's Vintage ClothingLevi's 1950s 701 Denim Jeans - Del Mar$206.40$144.48Waist 26 / Waist 27 / Waist 28 / Waist 29 / Waist 30