Lucy Folk


Lucy Folk is a thriving Australian jewellery and accessories brand whose ornamental jewellery has been showcased and stocked in some of the finest establishments througout the world. Launched in 2007, the jewellery is a representation of Folk's own inspirations; food, art, travel and more. 

Famed for her personal style, her imagination goes firmly against the grain, preserving delecacies we adore into tangible things we can wear. 

  • Promise Ring D - 10K Rose Gold

    Lucy FolkPromise Ring D - 10K Rose Gold$194.7915mm/Small / 15.5mm/Medium / 16.5mm/Large

  • Promise Ring B - 10K Yellow Gold

    Lucy FolkPromise Ring B - 10K Yellow Gold$194.7915mm/Small / 15.5mm/Medium / 16.5mm/Large