Berlin, Germany

Based out of Berlin, Maiami is a young knitwear brand that combines traditional handcrafted production with a modernist aesthetic. The brand believes that their product is targeted at 'individuals with a sense for beautiful objects', and we couldn't agree more. The result is a range of stunning knitwear with the attention to detail expected from handcrafted techniques.


  • Mohair Basic Sweater - Signal Orange

    MaiamiMohair Basic Sweater - Signal Orange$344.50$241.80S/M / M/L

  • Mohair Basic Stripe Sweater - Multi

    MaiamiMohair Basic Stripe Sweater - Multi$370.50$260.00S/M / M/L

  • Mohair Big Cardigan - Black/Cream/Melange

    MaiamiMohair Big Cardigan - Black/Cream/Melange$552.50$387.40S/M / M/L

  • Mohair Big Stripe Cardigan - Cream/Soft Blue

    MaiamiMohair Big Stripe Cardigan - Cream/Soft Blue$552.50$387.40S/M / M/L

  • Mohair Big Stripe Cardigan - Cream/Copper

    MaiamiMohair Big Stripe Cardigan - Cream/Copper$552.50$387.40S/M / M/L