New York, USA

Born in Brooklyn and still in the Moscot family hands over a decade later, this New York institution is renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear. A downtown aesthetic mixed with unparalleled craftmanship and expertise. 

The Moscot Originals collection is built up of styles from the Moscot family archive between the 1930's and the 1970's, celebrating the classic good looks and timeless design born in decades past. The eyewear retains the authenticity of original frame styles down to the colours of the frames and period details. 

  • Lemtosh Sunglasses - Black

    MoscotLemtosh Sunglasses - Black$341.8546

  • Lemtosh Sunglasses - Blonde

    MoscotLemtosh Sunglasses - Blonde$341.8546

  • Miltzen Sunglasses - Black

    MoscotMiltzen Sunglasses - Black$341.8549

  • Miltzen Sunglasses - Crystal

    MoscotMiltzen Sunglasses - Crystal$341.8549

  • Lemtosh Sunglasses - Blush

    MoscotLemtosh Sunglasses - Blush$341.8552

  • Boychik Sunglasses - Matte Dark Blonde

    MoscotBoychik Sunglasses - Matte Dark Blonde$341.8552

  • Bjorn Sunglasses - Burnt Tortoise

    MoscotBjorn Sunglasses - Burnt Tortoise$341.8558

  • Arthur Sunglasses - Black

    MoscotArthur Sunglasses - Black$341.8550

  • Miltzen Sunglasses - Tortoise

    MoscotMiltzen Sunglasses - Tortoise$341.8549

  • Zayde Sunglasses - Dark Havana

    MoscotZayde Sunglasses - Dark Havana$341.8551

  • Lemtosh Optical Glasses - Blonde

    MoscotLemtosh Optical Glasses - Blonde$316.0546

  • Lemtosh Optical Glasses - Black

    MoscotLemtosh Optical Glasses - Black$316.0546

  • Nebb 48 Optical - Black

    MoscotNebb 48 Optical - Black$283.80One Size