Founded in 2015 by designer duo Jun and Joy, NEUL’s aim is to revamp the everyday wardrobe with subtle twists by creating timeless pieces designed to never go out of style or lose current appeal. 

The brand was born out of a desire to tell the story of the city dweller who is always dressing well but also has their own unique edge to their style.

  • x Goodhood Loose T-Shirt - Ivory

    Neulx Goodhood Loose T-Shirt - Ivory$117.00XS / S / M

  • x Goodhood Trucker Jacket - Leopard Print

    Neulx Goodhood Trucker Jacket - Leopard Print$370.50S / M / L

  • x Goodhood Oversized Shirt - Leopard Print

    Neulx Goodhood Oversized Shirt - Leopard Print$227.50XS / S / M

  • Webbing Belt Top - Mustard Gold

    NeulWebbing Belt Top - Mustard Gold$253.50$127.40S / M / L

  • Colour Pointed Webbing Belt Pant - Artichoke Green

    NeulColour Pointed Webbing Belt Pant - Artichoke Green$286.00$143.00S / M / L

  • Cipolla Wadding Webbing Belt Pant - Biscuit

    NeulCipolla Wadding Webbing Belt Pant - Biscuit$305.50$153.40S / M / L