S.W.C Stepney Workers Club

Stepney Workers Club is a new East London brand inspired by the inclusive culture of traditional Workers Sports Clubs. They run with the message ‘Freedom Of Sport, Freedom Of Thought’, with a handshake logo representing the values and unity associated with such clubs.

Their range of footwear is a rethink of timeless, genreless vulcanised sneakers, adopted by an array of subcultures over time. Their Dellow is a modern canvas shoe with classic styling and a distinct look.

  • Varden Hi - Black

    S.W.C Stepney Workers ClubVarden Hi - Black$83.85UK3 / UK4 / UK5 / UK6 / UK7

  • Dellow - Khaki

    S.W.C Stepney Workers ClubDellow - Khaki$77.40UK3 / UK4 / UK5 / UK6 / UK7