Connecticut, U.S.A

Founded as Timex in 1950 with company roots tracing as far back as 1854, it's fair to say that Timex know a thing or two about keeping time. Now one of the world's leading watch manufacturers, Timex produce watches that are equal measures of function and military design.

An iconic 1960s ad campaign for the brand used the slogan "takes a licking and keeps on ticking", which can still be said of Timex's present day output and the brand's minimal aesthetic is as relevant today as it ever was. A true classic.

  • Archive Camper MK1 Watch - Black/Black

    TimexArchive Camper MK1 Watch - Black/Black$79.98One Size

  • x It's Nice That 'Nice Time Guaranteed' MK1 Watch - Black

    Timexx It's Nice That 'Nice Time Guaranteed' MK1 Watch - Black$83.85One Size

  • x Goodhood Anniversary MK1 Watch - Black/Black

    Timexx Goodhood Anniversary MK1 Watch - Black/Black$83.84One Size

  • Archive Camper MK1 Watch - Green/Black

    TimexArchive Camper MK1 Watch - Green/Black$73.53One Size

  • Archive Camper MK1 Watch - Blue/Blue

    TimexArchive Camper MK1 Watch - Blue/Blue$70.95One Size

  • Archive Scout Brook Watch - Titan/Black

    TimexArchive Scout Brook Watch - Titan/Black$109.65One Size