To sum up Zucca in their own words; 'there is a calming feeling and sense of delight surrounding those who wear Zucca'. The Japanese label was founded in 1988 by Akira Onozuka,

who had previously worked with Issey Miyake before setting up on his own. The offer is a collection of updated staple pieces with a playful approach to materials, cuts and detailing.

  • Combination Urake Hooded Sweatshirt - Beige

    ZuccaCombination Urake Hooded Sweatshirt - Beige$426.40M

  • Coated Jersey Round Neck Top - White

    ZuccaCoated Jersey Round Neck Top - White$236.60M

  • Buckled Bag Candy Large - Brown

    ZuccaBuckled Bag Candy Large - Brown$205.40One Size

  • Yacht Rope Bag - White

    ZuccaYacht Rope Bag - White$315.90One Size

  • Buckled Bag Candy Medium - Brown

    ZuccaBuckled Bag Candy Medium - Brown$174.20One Size

  • Buckled Bag Milk Medium - White

    ZuccaBuckled Bag Milk Medium - White$189.80One Size

  • Liberty Shirt - Camel

    ZuccaLiberty Shirt - Camel$453.70$227.50One Size

  • Cotton Rayon Twill Dress - Camel

    ZuccaCotton Rayon Twill Dress - Camel$484.90$243.10One Size

  • Carvico Pleat Trouser - Black

    ZuccaCarvico Pleat Trouser - Black$388.70$195.00S / M / L

  • Buckled Bag Fur - Dark Grey

    ZuccaBuckled Bag Fur - Dark Grey$323.70$162.50One Size

  • Small Clasp Bag - Grey

    ZuccaSmall Clasp Bag - Grey$226.20$113.10One Size

  • Tape Belt - Black

    ZuccaTape Belt - Black$193.70$97.50One Size

  • Tape Belt - Grey

    ZuccaTape Belt - Grey$193.70$97.50One Size