The Fundamentals  


We build the 5 core looks that should be in everyone's wardrobe. It's the fundamental rules of style, and nothing else. Featuring picks from LF Markey, Can Pep Rey, Perks & Mini, and more...






Jumpsuit by YMC, Bag by LF Markey, Socks by Rostersox, Sneakers by Converse, Ring by Maria Black, Perfume by Comme Des Garçons Parfums.









Many labels are now looking towards producing modern takes on classic workwear silhouettes, including British labels YMC and LF Markey. This combination goes full utility, with YMC’s Garlands cotton/linen blend jumpsuit taking centre stage with its relaxed fit and numerous deep pockets. LF Markey’s yellow super shopper’s the ultimate accessory, and gives yet more convenient storage alongside complementary colour-blocking. Yellow and blue’s a bold look. Finally, the ensemble’s finished off with Converse’s All Star 70s, which take the iconic All Star silhouette even further with enhanced fit and detailing.







  • Comme des Garcons PLAY Black Eau de Toilette - 100ml

    Comme des Garcons ParfumsComme des Garcons PLAY Black Eau de Toilette - 100ml$97.50100ml










Designers Remix Jacket

Top by Can Pep Rey, Trousers by Ganni, Bag by P.A.M, Socks by Champion, Sunglasses by Stussy, Sneakers by Vans.









Contrast texture always makes for a strong look when executed right, and colour-blocking is one way of ensuring that. Can Pep Rey’s Loose Carl T-Shirt is crafted from Portuguese velvet, and with a boxy silhouette it elevates the humble t-shirt to a whole other level. Lace traditionally is the stuff of underwear, but Ganni’s Jerome trouser bring lace to the forefront. With a black floral pattern this whole get-up hones in on fine detail. Pink’s a contrast that goes especially well with black, and PAM’s Krishna tote – with one side graphic and the other type – along with Champion’s mauve rib socks and Stussy’s Angelo sunglasses give the ultimate contrast colour blocking. If it weren’t enough, it’s finished with perhaps Vans’ most classic shoe – the checkerboard Slip-On LX.















    Bomber by P.A.M, T-Shirt by Can Pep Rey, Trousers by Baserange, Hat by Norse Projects, Sunglasses by Super, Bag by Goods by Goodhood, Socks by Champion, Shoes by Converse.









    They say that the classics are sometimes the best, which is why the MA1’s signature look never gets old. Perks & Mini have created their own take with wide pleated sleeves, whilst retaining the classic green shell/orange lining styling. Can Pep Rey’s boxy pocket t-shirt makes for a particularly tonal match. Keeping it casual and comfortable, off-white ribbed sweat pants by Baserange comprise the bottom half. The Copenhagen label should be a staple in every wardrobe – their focus on natural fabrics make for probably the best range of basics around. This gets topped off with tonal touches, with Champion’s rib knit socks, Norse’s rib beanie, Super’s Panama sunglasses and Converse’s signature One Stars, all in black.







    • One Star Ox - Black/White

      ConverseOne Star Ox - Black/White$84.50UK3 / UK4 / UK5 / UK6 / UK7










    Coach Jacket by Wood Wood, T-Shirt by Stussy, Track Pants by Barena, Wallet by Comme des Garcons Wallets, Hat by Norse Projects, Sneakers by Vans, Socks by Champion.










    Any remotely strong look begins with the original: Stussy. Their logo t-shirt is about as classic as it gets and sets the tone of any outfit. Classic colour contrast magic happens with Barena’s Cara trouser in red with black stripe taping. Sticking with the tonal blacks, Wood Wood’s Beverly jacket is the Copenhagen label’s take on the classic coach jacket, a transitional outerwear piece that’s a wardrobe staple. Rib socks with stipe detailing harks back to the Dogtown days of skate history, as do the Vans Old Skools – again about as classic as it gets. For seamless and elegant elevation of the whole look, a Comme des Garçons wallet, with embossed gold logo detailing.







    • Classic Leather W (SA5100) - Black

      Comme des Garcons WalletsClassic Leather W (SA5100) - Black$106.60One Size

    • Medium Structure Ring - 9K Gold

      Tom WoodMedium Structure Ring - 9K Gold$613.6018.6mm/58 / 19mm/60 / 20mm/62 / 20.3mm/64










    Beret by Goods by Goodhood, Sunglasses by Stussy, Jacket by Wood Wood, Sweatshirt by Baserange, Jeans by Wood Wood, Socks by Rostersox, Shoes by Clarks Originals.

    Ashley Williams Jacket







    Double denim can be tricky to pull off, but when it’s done right, nothing comes close. Copenhagen’s Wood Wood manufactures some of the best modern denim around, and their Ilo jeans, made from mid-weight 12 oz. European denim, form the basis of this look. Doubling up, their Giulia jacket is a modern-cut take on the classic denim jacket, and is elevated by an all-over ‘REAL NOBODY FAKE SOMEBODY’ laser print – a reference from the film The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tonal picks – a white beret, ribbed sweatshirt, and waffle socks – complement the stonewash perfectly. Finish off with Clarks Orignals’ earthy Wallabee, a classically-styled shoe to match a classically-styled outfit.







    • Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm Tube - 120ml

      AesopRejuvenate Intensive Body Balm Tube - 120ml$35.10120ml

    • Classic Medium Band Ring - Polished Silver

      Tom WoodClassic Medium Band Ring - Polished Silver$158.6013.3mm/48 / 18.8mm/50 / 16.5mm/52 / 17mm/54 / 18mm/56 / 18.6mm/58 / 19mm/60 / 20mm/62 / 20.3mm/64










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