To coincide with the start of Frieze art fair here in London, our friend and artist Lucas Price blesses the shop front with some original artwork. We caught up with him for a short chat and rounded up all the best art influenced products at the store below. 











GH: Hi Lucas, please tell us the title of the artwork we are displaying in the window...

LP: The Shadow Reaches All the Way to Hell. 


GH: Can you tell us a little about your approach to producing your art these days?  



GH: Can you expand on what you would like people to consider when looking at your work? 



GH: Your work is sometimes referential of other artists work, for instance the basketball by Jeff Koons. Is there any artist you are currently referencing in your own work or think is particularly noteworthy? 

LP: Price_Seth_How_to_Disappear_in_America_2008.pdf 


GH: You have often been brought in as a creative on clothing projects. Can you explain what your approach to that is and how you distinguish between art as a medium and clothing which could be seen as a tool? 

LP: There's no separation. I mean I want to get rid of everything, until there's nothing left to think about. In most of my affairs. I don't really distinguish between art and clothing


GH: Many people won't realise we first collaborated 7 years ago with the lightbox project. Infact the reason we put a lightbox in the store was because I saw your work in Tom's studio and thought it was great. Since then, lightboxes have become quite common in retail stores...what do you think about culture's adoption of ideas? 



GH: When are you most inspired? 






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