Founded by Sofia Prantera and Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell in 2012, Aries is the collision of two distinctly unique minds. Both prolific creatives in the London scene and already acquaintances - working together previously on brands such as Silas - Aries has seen the duo producing unique collections of contemporary womenswear with a strong focus on natural design and organic simplicity.

Sofia Prantera’s career began working with Slam City Skates as a freelance designer. From there she went on to a number of projects, with her extended network of like-minds least of all directing and designing at the world famous cult brand Silas & Maria. Now a heavyweight in her field, having worked with companies such as You Must Create, Lee Jeans and Nike, her multi-faceted mastery of fashion as business, art form and lifestyle has made her a truly unique force in contemporary clothing.

In contrast, Fergus Purcell’s career began reading copies of 2000AD as a child, expanded when he picked up a pen and started drawing himself and never really stopped. A self-professed culture consumer and lover of ‘pop culture trash’, the relentless manner in which Fergadelic devours iconography and stimuli from all corners of the creative sphere has leant him a wealthy archive of imagery and inspiration from which he can draw – quite literally. It is this relentless, home-grown artistic passion that he brings to the table in Aries.

Using understated silhouettes and contemporary fashion staples as the foundation, Aries presents a refreshingly modern take on casual womenswear. Many pieces present classic womens’ pieces playfully reimagined in vibrant motifs; their constructed graphic t-shirts, with designs by Fergadelic, take a light-hearted approach to the fundamental building block of casual street style with a revised silhouette, whilst the Connie cropped t-shirt takes a true fashion staple and gives it a bold, contemporary twist, finished by hand with a variety of vivid treatments.

Elsewhere, androgynous pieces such as their Rodeo Jeans and Officer Jumper present accessible, modern interpretations of wardrobe essentials and their Dark Coat, minimal and refined throughout, demonstrates an ability to take the rules and restrictions out of fashion without losing valuable qualities; though each piece is distinct in its modernity, it remains so in its uniquely crafted character and femininity as well.

Having already captured attentions and imaginations the world over, Aries has shown no signs of slowing down, nor changing the formula. A spirit of relentless and organic creativity, in such a short period, has grown to embody the brand’s fundamental DNA. There’s no real predicting what the Prantera-Fergadelic duo will do next; count on this, however - it will be real.

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Words by Gregk Foley | Fuckin' Yeh