Aside from looking great in nice clothes (see here), Lily Jean Bridger is as down to earth as it gets. So, we let her loose in the store for a good old rummage for some holiday clothes and had a chat while we were at it. See the results and shop anything that takes your fancy below... 








What's the best place you've been in your life so far? 


I love to travel, the chance to travel as part of my job is quite the dream but I would still say my favourite place I’ve discovered has not been as a result of my job. It has always been the small Greek islands I try to revisit every summer. 



What was life like before Instagram?


Real! Like most others i have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I feel I was less self-critical and less judgemental before Instagram. I feel like any online social forum Instagram will fade out.









Who or what keeps you inspired? 


My best friends who not only are the most beautiful people inside and out but also unbelievably talented. Stephanie Sian Smith comes to mind first and foremost, she’s magic. Also my old English teacher Mr Jope - a genius. And Kate Moss for every picture ever taken of her. Course, hahaha. Amongst other things, literature and poetry. V for Vendetta is a brilliant comic book set in a dystopian future, a must read for all. And In Our Time discussions on Radio 4 with Melvyn Bragg, I think I’d love to be on his shows discussing John Donne’s life and works. 









What are you listening to at the moment? 


Everything! Ethiopian jazz - Mulatu Astatke! Sales, Men I Trust, Bonobo, Burna Boy, Movado, C4, Fakear, Julia Jacklin, Mac Demarco, Maribou State, Whitney. The list goes on and on... it’s festival season so it's time to cram in as much live music as possible! Glastonbury this week for starters...



What are your favourite spots in London?


Now, why should I tell you that... Shadwell Basin on a hot, sunny day. Brixtons baddest Skate shop run by my best friend and housemate Daphne - the raddest girl in London and naturally Stockwell Skate Park. It's full of interesting characters and the best skaters in London. Got a couple secret sushi spots around London and love the Greek restaurant Lemonia in Notting Hill.









Three things you don't leave the house without? 


I can't answer that question easily...I always leave the house forgetting everything I need for the day. That includes my keys meaning I can’t go back in to get what I forgot to begin with...



Favourite piece of clothing? 


Don’t have one. Can’t live without my jumpsuits though. In fact, I’ve got too much clothing it’s become a little overwhelming especially as I’ve learnt by now that it’s always better to travel light. In fact, I’ve grabbed a stall at Battersea park fair on my Sunday off whilst I’m home, I'll be selling lots of my clothes there! 









You worked with Playboy. How did that come about?  


Not sure really...They found me. They wanted me. They were changing their style and direction to no nudity, only implied, and I was one of the first girls they wanted to feature this way in print, alongside an interview. My agent and I would be lying if we said we weren’t at first sceptical but we grew a great relationship with the Playboy team and we were very happy with the feature.  


It was very relaxed and never uncomfortable. The photographer visited me in my london flat and took photos of me whilst my london friend and stylist Violetta Kassapi styled it and Grace Vee covered me up in nice creams since it was no make-up. Even my baby kitten Lula got a little feature. Following that, me and the photographer took some shots in echo park in Los Angeles during sunset to finalise the feature in clothes from the shoot 



What does the future have in store for you? 


No idea, just living now! 










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  • Body Spiral Ring - 14K Gold Plated

    Maria BlackBody Spiral Ring - 14K Gold Plated$140.4015.8mm/50 / 16.5mm/52 / 17mm/54 / 18mm/56

  • Mini Cushion Ring - Silver/Black Spinel

    Tom WoodMini Cushion Ring - Silver/Black Spinel$351.0015.4mm/48 / 15.8mm/50 / 16.5mm/52

  • Polished Oval Ring - Silver

    Tom WoodPolished Oval Ring - Silver$299.0015.8mm/50 / 16.5mm/52 / 17mm/54 / 18mm/56







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