Following the arrival of the brands SS14 collection on The Goodhood Store women's floor, we visit the studio of Sono, the Hackney based German designer and founder of clothing line Von Sono to talk inspiration, London and environmental design. 


GH: Can you tell us a little about your background and how you came to designing Von Sono in London?

VS: I was born and raised in Munich. Studied and worked in Hamburg and Berlin for a long time. Moved to London for love and ended up staying here. Von Sono started with individually crafted projects in Germany and moved with me to London 10 years ago. Von means "from" and Sono is my nick name = from me for you. This is still the concept on how I'm trying to work on everything.

GH: Ideologically Von Sono is a unisex line can you tell us about your approach to designing clothes for both sexes?

VS: I design clothes I want to wear. And I wear womens and mens clothes. It is not about androgynity; it is about making clothes to wear and feel good in everyday. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or man.

We have styles which are made for women only but most pieces are fitted for both sexes. It is just the way I work and always have done as I'm interested in the human body shape and how to dress it in a modern way.

GH: When we look at the collections we are always struck by a feeling of intelligence whether it be in the construction, graphic elements or even colours, where do you find inspiration?

VS: Environment that surrounds me. I live in a city and see a lot of different people everyday. From old big mamas to builders to just kids on the street and stylish fashion people. But the mix of them is what gives the biggest inspiration, all these different characters and individuals next to each other. With all their different trends and preferences in wearing clothes. 

On the other hand a lot of inspiration comes from nature, plants, architecture etc.. I grew up with nature surrounding me so it still is an essential part in my work I think.

The biggest inspiration is the desire to wear something in particular I can't find anywhere - (not that I'm really looking for it) so we try and make it.




GH: Anything you are particularly feeling at the moment? 

VS: Spring!

GH: When I look at the Von Sono collections I feel they have a luxurious, high end feeling about them, can you tell us about your perceptions of luxury and how this influences Von Sono?

VS: Luxury for me is the exclusivity of time. We make all our samples in the studio, we produce in the UK or in Europe. We don't have a big carbon foot print (if anyone is interested in it, we never advertise it it is just how we feel about it and try and make it work). We do care about where everything comes from. Von Sono is not mass-produced, we know almost all people who are involved in producing our products.

Luxury is to have something not many other people have too. But most important is to feel good in the clothes. Von Sono clothes make you feel confident and there is a beauty in that. To have more time to work on each season would be my personal biggest luxury!

GH: What does living in London mean to you?

VS: Love, Speed, Inspiration, Non stop. Friends. Constant flux, addictive to me. Challenge. I feel free here. I can be myself, like anybody else. London is changing all the time which somehow suits me. I like changes as long as there is a strong base.