For our Christmas campaign, we've enlisted the hand of Jiro Bevis, a London-based illustrator who is a well-known fixture in London's graphic landscape. Taking influence from a multitude of reference points, from ‘80s teen movies, to his childhood interest in Manga, to the comic books he used to go through from his dad’s vast collection, and many things in between. Jiro’s style remains distinct, challenged, but never equalised.

You’ve undoubtedly seen his quirky characters and custom typography cropping up across the interweb and in real life, with commissions for fashion brands, corporate entities, and independents including Young Turks and Vice. 

Having graduated from Central Saint Martins over a decade ago, he’s honed his style and cemented his place in London's graphic scene, and whilst he retains a distinct pen and paper focus in his work, he’s always keen to explore new digital techniques and technologies. He also holds down a monthly slot on NTS, exploring a variety of sounds from around the world, from UK punk to Japanese techno-pop. 

We teamed up with Jiro for our Christmas 2017 campaign and got him to design an exclusive set of Christmas Goodhood graphics that you can find dotted around the site. We also asked him the infamous ten questions...









 Shop our 'Very Good Christmas Guide' below and shop Jiro's tools of the trade here.