Last Nights Of Summer With : VC London

21 Sep 2017


Last Nights Of Summer With VC London

We hit the roads of East London with the infamous all girl Motor Bike crew VC London. Catch a glimpse into the world of the Vicious Cunts. 

Images & Words By Goodhood Creative






How did you get your name?

VC stands for Vicious Cunts, it was bestowed upon us by a friend. We all got drunk in the workshop one night, and we saw these American girls making these riding groups with names “yeah, lets call ourselves something”. Our friend said to us “well you’re all a bunch of vicious cunts” and the next thing we knew, the Instagram account was made. A year on we’re thinking, we are gonna have to explain to our parents what VC means. I’ve had to say cunt to my mum, which I have a business based around. She still wears the t-shirts though…

"He told me that I should be riding his bike and he should be riding mine."

It’s quite a male dominated industry, so what has the reaction been like from men?

(Gemma) We’re really lucky and I’ve only had one guy say something derogatory to me. He pulled up on a delivery scooter and I was on my chopper. We were at traffic lights and he tapped me on the shoulder and was like “I like your bike”. Thanks I said, but then he told me that I should be riding his bike and he should be riding mine.






What are your views on being labelled girl specific riders?

(Gemma) We don’t like being called things like ‘women that ride’ and all that shit. We’ve always hung around with guys, and I learnt to ride with my husband but I think people love to pigeon hole, don’t they? We teach girls to ride because we have had a really positive experience and we want to share that. We are made to feel like a bit of a girl band sometimes though. Why can’t we just be the ‘person that rides’, not the ‘girl that rides’. No one who ever say the ‘boy that rides’ We did an interview with someone recently and every question was so leading. They basically wanted us to be proper sexist and hate men, like tearing around the streets of London, castrating men. Which we aren't about. 







"He was on his new custom shiny bike and I was on this dinky, horrible little thing and blokes were laughing. From then, I was like, ‘I’ll show you.’"






Do you listen to music when your riding?

(Namin) This is quite funny right. I pulled up to the lights, on my big chopper, rocking out with Justin Bieber on. People were looking at me like, ‘I bet she’s listening to Metallica or something’. (Gemma) Yea i listen to hardcore stuff.. probabally Black Flag or something.


What motivated you all to ride bikes?

(Gemma) My husband bought a bike with our wedding money and I got a shoe cabinet, which is no longer with us. Over time, he got a new bike and the old bike then got passed on to me. It was a standard stock bike, with no mods, and we went to a show together. He was on his new custom shiny bike and I was on this dinky, horrible little thing and blokes were laughing. From then, I was like, ‘I’ll show you.'




If you had a super power what would it be?

(Mai) - I'd really like to be able to puke glitter






What Women inspire you?

A lot of the girls that we teach to ride and hang with. We did an event in Wales, called ‘Babes Ride Out’, which is an event in the US that has been going for 3 or 4 years. We went out to California last year and at the event  there was around 1500 bikers and it was pretty incredible.

How far did you ride?

We rode from LA to Joshua Tree, we were only out there for 5 days but it was a good chance to discuss kick starting something in the UK and would they consider doing it for a year with us here to inspire more women.


What’s the most amazing experience you have ever had on your bikes?

(Mia) Wales was pretty epic. Yeah, Brecon Beacon. There is this part with a reservoir, very flat with wild horses and were on were a ride with a lot of girls and the views were just incredible.

(Gemma) Mine was when I first got my chopper, I pulled up at Namins work, and I didn’t tell her before. We ended up going for a burn around London, the sun was going down. It was amazing.


Any future plans for VC London?

Just to keep riding and going, as long as it is still fun & carry on working on our label VCC.


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